Diabetes the Global Killer

Diabetes, the disease that plagues millions of people around the world and not just adults anymore. Teenagers, middle aged people, the elderly and even children. All of us have been given to believe that once you are given diabetic medication it’s something you have to continue living Continue reading “Diabetes the Global Killer”

An Important Trace mineral: Magnesium

There are macro nutrients which are carbohydrates, proteins and fat and there are micronutrients which consist of several trace minerals that the body requires in minute amounts. But a deficiency of a trace mineral can lead to innumerable health problems. Continue reading “An Important Trace mineral: Magnesium”

Fermented Foods

There are a lot of myths about fermented foods like dosas, idlis, dhoklas whether they are good or bad for you. A lot of people complain of bloating and flatulence and indigestion and acidity post eating fermented foods. I know south Indians and people whose staple diet are fermented foods Continue reading “Fermented Foods”

Gall Bladder Removal should be Last Resort

Most people who have had their gallbladder removed, sometimes have gone through discomfort and difficulties in digestion In most cases gall bladders are removed when they detect gallstones and it causes pain to the patient. You have that pain because your little gall bladder which is very small Continue reading “Gall Bladder Removal should be Last Resort”

Health Benefits of Ancient Ayurveda Medicine Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an age old Indian practice which originates from Ayurveda and which is about 3,000 years old. The process involves using a tablespoon of a good quality cold pressed or wet coconut oil. Many people also use sesame oil or olive oil. You put this oil on your mouth first thing Continue reading “Health Benefits of Ancient Ayurveda Medicine Oil Pulling”

How to beat Smoking ill effects

It’s easy for us to keep telling people to stop smoking, which is the right thing to do because we all know smoking leads to a number of diseases worldwide every single year. Smoking basically is something that a lot of people do worldwide and the main ailments that are caused by smoking are free radicals Continue reading “How to beat Smoking ill effects”

Inflammation is the cause of many Diseases

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury, viruses, pathogens, bacteria’s. We need inflammation to kick into protectors do its job and then switch off. The problem with inflammation is when it doesn’t switch off and when it becomes chronic. When you fall down and you get a cut on your knee the Continue reading “Inflammation is the cause of many Diseases”

Power in Simple Carrot Juice

The power in a carrot. It is one of the most nutritious vegetable available on this planet and probably one of two reasons why we use carrot all carrot juice in almost in the treatment of almost every disease ranging from cancer to even obesity. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and Continue reading “Power in Simple Carrot Juice”

How hormone Somatostatin makes you put on Weight

Somatostatin which is a growth hormone affects several areas of the body by hindering the secretion of other hormones. I have a methodology around weight loss that it is not just about diet and exercise it’s about hormonal balance and imbalance. When you have an imbalance of hormones Continue reading “How hormone Somatostatin makes you put on Weight”

Stop Thinking and Start Living

As human beings we are thinking all the time. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep. We wake up in the morning we are thinking all the time and that’s a good thing because as a human being if we were unable to think our life wouldn’t be that significant.  Continue reading “Stop Thinking and Start Living”