HOPE – The Most Powerful Healing Drug

power of hope

There are different things one looks at when it comes to healing cancer right from screening tests to correcting nutrition, changing lifestyle, meditation, pranayama, etc. Each of these things has it own place but there is particularly one thing that every human being on this planet has and can make use of. This is the power of HOPE. We might not talk too much about hope and believe in it, but we still end up hoping and wishing for things. We hope for a promotion at work, our children to grow up the right way and get married, a beautiful home to live in, a healthy body and so much more.

Speaking about cancer, it’s a disease that bring loads of fear along with it and fear is one of the most limiting things when it comes to healing cancer. Hope is the opposite of fear. Its healing in every possible way. Today, people spend millions of dollars to treat a cancer, fly across the world, get hold of top doctors, nutritionists, change their water filters, include superfoods, new treatments like immunology, immunotherapy and do every single thing needed but do not give HOPE to people with cancer. Entering a fourth stage cancer is considered synonymous to end of life and this has become such a fear induced market. Its to the extent that medical professionals even predict the amount of time left for a patient to live.

This is a very wrong practice, because:

  1. This is almost like giving a death sentence. No one is God to say that. We see people living their life to the fullest years after being told that they would die anytime. They have challenged the verdict of their doctor. Warning families and close ones when you see all vitals of a patient failing is a different thing. But saying this to a patient can be very limiting as it takes away hope completely.
  2. The moment you tell a human that they have a limited about a time to live, the mind and body starts giving up too, even if there was a scope of healing. Without hope and belief, we cannot live and heal.

I need to ask; do you believe in Miracles? Are you aware of the number of miracles you experience every hour of the day? Little miracles keep happening at every hour. The road accident you heard about the other day, could have involved you! Or the plane that crashed. It could be you who wakes up one morning and finds that your entire business is destroyed. It could be you going through all the downfalls in life. Some of us call it good luck, but its mainly Miracles. Miracles are working for every human being and almost every minute of the day. You’d notice them if you step back from your chaotic life, slow down, hit the pause button, become mindful and aware.

Miracles are called so because these are things that have worked in your favour in some way. Its when you notice these small miracles, you develop the hope to fight even the deadliest disease on this planet.

Its very easy for medical professionals to say that cancer is not curable. If you are struck by an ER +ve cancer, it’s taken for granted that the cancer will keep coming back. When doctors say that, they aren’t wrong. Perhaps this is what they have learnt and studied. At the same time, we must also understand that there is no nutritionist, healer or doctor in the world that’s understood the intelligence and brilliance of the human body and mind. It’s a miracle in itself – healing and protecting us every single minute of the day.  Yet we humans are filled with so much arrogance and ego issues to think that conventional medicine alone can heal us and gradually move away from the laws of nature that actually defines us and heals us. We throw a blind faith and belief in chemicals, toxins, instruments that pharmaceutical companies make to just keep us chronically ill and in turn make billions of dollars every year.

In no way am I saying discontinue or avoid taking treatments, chemotherapy or radiation. Most of my patients take it too. But take it in an informed way and also change your mindset and believe in hope and miracles of the human body, nature and lifestyle. If at all you reach a situation where everyone around you is picturing death because your cancer is reached the last stage, start looking for hope and if your healthcare provider, family or loved ones cannot give hope, just disengage from them. If there is no hope, belief and faith, its impossible to heal.

Each of us are living examples of miracles….
It’s funny how we put all our faith in God when we visit temples and churches but the moment, we fall sick, we are induced with so much fear that we fall prey to medicines and forget everything else. We forget about the universal powers and the Gods we worship. Have a balance of both, I’d say – do your conventional treatment but never give up hope because there is no human being in this world who has the power (rather, right) to say when you will die. If you listen to those people, believe me, you will. I know how people who were given three months to live exactly die in three months. No of us can predict the life span of a human being. This doesn’t mean, don’t be realistic. If you see all the vitals of a patient failing, you can predict the time left to live based on that data. But in cases of cancer, which even doctors haven’t been able to crack and thus can’t guarantee treatment too, its wrong on their part to announce a near death of a patient.

Infact even if cancer has spread to every organ of the body, no one has to right to say that the person is going to die because that’s exactly what yours and the patients subconscious mind is going to believe. Muster up that hope, courage, belief and know that little miracles happen every day and it can happen to you even in the darkest hours of your life.

There are cases where people die and we do not have any answer to that. However, I’m not addressing that and making a blanket statement. All I want to convey here is that, be aware of the several miracles that are happening around you and your children’s, parents lives.

Human minds are perfect at complaining, blaming and finding quick fixes. We have expectations always. If we spend money on our health, we expect ourselves to heal. If we spend money on a drug, we expect it to show results. If we spend on a treatment, we expect it to take our pain and suffering away. And because we are so attached to the outcomes of everything we do, we end up feeling angry and disappointed when those expectations aren’t met. There is blame game too. However, truth of life is: No amount of blame or worry is ever going to solve your problem.

Each of us are responsible for what’s happening in our lives. Once we realise this, all the blame games go away and we save a lot of energy that can actually be used for healing. Our bodies are a bundle of energy that’s untapped. Only if you harness that energy and direct it into healing, along with everything else that you have been doing, you will begin the process of healing. Use the immense energy in you to fuel your healing process and not ego and pride.

 Negative thoughts drain your energy. Use it wise!
Negative thoughts take up so much of our energy, which is why you feel so drained after an ugly fight or argument. This is the very same energy that you can use towards your immunity and fuel the intelligence of your body to heal you. So, use this energy wisely.

If you know someone going through cancer, don’t give them sympathy or empathy. Give them hope. Don’t be thinking, “what if it doesn’t work and everything thinks you gave them false hopes?” Giving hope to a patient isn’t wrong. Being scared of giving hope is an indication of our insecurity and an expectation we are attached to.

Similarly, with children, we need to avoid setting expectations. I hear parents say to their kids: “Only if you study, you will be the best. Only if you eat good food, you will do the best.” That’s an extremely limiting thought!  We aren’t giving them hope. Then the moment they fail, they start thinking that they are useless. We as parents need to give them blind hope. Blind hope isn’t a false hope either. False hope is when you give hope to someone because of your own selfish gains. When hope is fuelled with a wrong intention, it never works. When a doctor says there is nothing we can do for the patient – let him go home, eat and drink what they like – it’s literally like giving a death sentence to the patient. In that case, you are in a wrong relationship with your medical professional.  The moment doctors give up, the patient gives up too. Keep trying and believe in miracles.

Even the slightest of hope can improve a patient’s health. When that happens, each of our body’s cells start vibrating at a higher frequency with goodness, positivity and hope. This itself can change everything.

Hope is free….
Hope cannot be sold, just like oxygen, yoga, pranayama. Hence no one talks or emphasises on this powerful emotion. There is no research that will ever go into these free commodities of nature. For everyone trying to make a business out of health – There is no money in being healthy. There is no money in being dead. All the money is in being chronically ill. And look around! You will see that everyone is chronically ill and on lifetime medications, radiotherapies and hormone therapies that are sold like a package. Take it if need it, but don’t keep blind faith on this thinking that it will take away your cancer. When we put blind faith in things that are manmade and drive us away from nature and the natural laws of health, we often land up in big trouble. Take personal responsibility of your own health too. Have hope in the power and intelligence of your body and watch how each miracle unfolds. This is not only true for cancer, but for any illness. The moment you tell someone that this medicine is for a lifetime, the patient loses hope right then and takes no effort to heal himself naturally.

We need to start breaking away from the mindset of these materialistic traps that we’re living in. Our money can buy us comfortable beds in fancy hospitals, best doctors and nutritionists, but not health. For that, we need to change our lifestyle and the way we eat, sleep, think and move. We need to change our mindset and stop draining our energies in maintain our ego and pride and to be someone we aren’t just because we want to be liked and accepted by others. It will be more fruitful if we use this energy towards healing or giving hope.

Nothing works without Hope ….
None of us are Gods to decide when a patient must die. Even the most serious pet-scan reports which shows the cancer cells have spread all over the body doesn’t mean nothing can be worked out. It is only for the health professionals to know how difficult recovery from a metastatic cancer is, but we can still offer hope to the patient. They can still continue to eat better, work on their emotional health, immunity, etc. Not only health professionals, but their caretakers too can give hope. You don’t have to always have to give suggestions or find solutions. Just make the patient realise that there is hope. Help divert their energy towards hoping and not fearing. Everyone has the ability to heal someone’s life by giving hope. This is truly the most powerful drug on this planet.

When it comes to cancer or healing of any disease, we can put our focus on best nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and all possible conventional and alternative approach, but its useless when done without Hope. Even a healthy person should have hope, a hope to lead a better life, a better tomorrow.  If you lose hope, you lose everything.

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