UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)- Causes, Symptoms & Fixes


Urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection that line the urinary tract or bladder or in certain cases kidneys. This problem often faced by women and young girls might be a less spoken but there are millions of women plagued by this.  It’s important to understand the root cause because once we figure that, we make appropriate lifestyle changes to heal and prevent it. Continue reading “UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)- Causes, Symptoms & Fixes”

Constipation in Adults


If you have poor bowel movement and each visit to the loo is a painful affair, or you don’t feel like going to the loo daily,  chances are you are  “Constipated”. Constipation is the outcome of modern civilisation and is a condition that plagues millions of adults all across the world . Our body has 5 eliminatory organs:  Continue reading “Constipation in Adults”

A Magic Seed for Diabetes, Acidity, Weight Loss and Immunity

basil seeds

There is a very powerful seed which is very small but has a lot of nutrients and health benefits. There are many of you who might already be having this. This is the sweet basil seed also known as a “Subja” seed in Hindi. These seeds can be easily found at your local grocer. They are really small in size and they look Continue reading “A Magic Seed for Diabetes, Acidity, Weight Loss and Immunity”

Understanding Acidosis


Consider any health condition, be it a cancer,  diabetes, cardiovascular issues, mild to severe migraines , headaches, obesity or simply the inability to lose weight , the root cause of all of these is having an “Acidic” body.  An acidic body doesn’t necessarily mean one would have to go through typical symptoms like acid reflux, chest pain or burning Continue reading “Understanding Acidosis”

Why Heart Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Mortality

heart health

We celebrate these days every year. Cancer day, diabetes day and we have a World Heart Day. We have all of these days but it doesn’t change the fact that as a nation in India we are getting sicker and sicker every day with more cardiovascular disease. It’s the number one disease that leads to the most Continue reading “Why Heart Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Mortality”

Understanding Eczema And How To Handle It Naturally


Eczema is a skin condition which denotes that there’s inflammation in the human body. The red patch of skin like little red dots is called vesicles or pustules. These little vesicles are nothing but inflamed skin. It carries a lot of heat and toxins. Sometimes these vesicles basically break and there is an odourless or Continue reading “Understanding Eczema And How To Handle It Naturally”

Why Cancers come back? The Truth about Cancer Treatments


The medical world has made dramatic progress. We no longer have diseases which plagued us years and years ago but we are today faced with a new set of diseases that are promoted by tension, poor lifestyle choices, diseases that are caused by stress be it a cardiovascular, be it most cases of Cancer. Continue reading “Why Cancers come back? The Truth about Cancer Treatments”

The Easy Lung Cleanse


Almost all of us have no control over when it comes to the air that we breathe the environmental toxins and the pollution all around us. Your lung is made up of ninety percent space for air and the balance ten percent is tissues. Most lung disorders and lung infections and diseases ranging from an asthma or sinus are caused due to Continue reading “The Easy Lung Cleanse”

Simple Yet Powerful Spice To Quickly Shoot Up Immunity

star anise

Immunity is the first and last line of defence in the human body. No matter what medication you take or what medication you’re on or what medication you need to be on, we can never forget that our human body is built with an intelligent and brilliant system called immunity and that is the system which will protect you, will prevent and will help you heal Continue reading “Simple Yet Powerful Spice To Quickly Shoot Up Immunity”

Probiotics are a must if you are on Antibiotics


Antibiotics can actually wipe out your entire gut bacteria or your micro biome and that in turn impacts your immunity because by now we all know that 75 to 80 percent of your immunity starts in your gut. So your gut needs the right population. Think of little colonies where you have your good bacteria and Continue reading “Probiotics are a must if you are on Antibiotics”