Five Minute Homecooked Breakfast for Kids


When it comes to our little ones, what they eat now will define two very important outcomes for decades to come. The first outcome is obvious, their physical and mental growth. The second is a lot more subtle, it will define their ability to use their physical and mental faculties to fulfil their potential in any field. Given the importance of nutrition, especially Continue reading “Five Minute Homecooked Breakfast for Kids”

We Desi: Traditional Classics With a Healthy Twist


Mahak and Ranjana are two best friends, IIT Bombay grads, big time foodies and also founders of WeDesi. In spite of having a rich culture bursting with energy, color, and tradition, we couldn’t believe that Indian snacks have rarely been considered cool. While we grew up eating khakhra, chikki, chakli, and gujiya; our supermarkets are packed with Continue reading “We Desi: Traditional Classics With a Healthy Twist”

Introducing Holistic Health Store on Blog

holistic health store

In our line of work that revolves around Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, we use, study and recommended a plethora of products and food items like organic fruits and vegetables, super foods, spices, nuts and seeds, oils, utensils, floor cleaners, cosmetics, apps, fitness gadgets, healthy restaurants etc every single day. Continue reading “Introducing Holistic Health Store on Blog”