Importance of Epsom Salt Soaking

Epsom Salt

Magnesium Sulphate is also known as Epsom salt. It is made of Magnesium. Sulphate and Oxygen. When Magnesium sulphate is added in water, it releases magnesium and sulphate ions which can be easily absorbed by human skin. A packet of it costs less than 10rs for 20g but has numerous health benefits which are mentioned below: Continue reading “Importance of Epsom Salt Soaking”

Oil Pulling for Oral Health and Hygiene

It’s amazing to see scientific research done on oil pulling by NCBI for cases of plaque, gingivitis, oral hygiene, bacteria, dental cavities, bad breath, although traditionally, oil pulling is an Ayurvedic technique and Ayurveda is a form of science that has existed for decades. Continue reading “Oil Pulling for Oral Health and Hygiene”

Crack the Code for a Healthy Set of Genes


Your DNA is the computer system of your body. Its the brain of each cell. Poor DNA health has connections with almost every disease from Cancer to Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, kidney, liver, brain. Actually, everything that involves a cell – be it gut health, obesity, fat gain or hormones. Continue reading “Crack the Code for a Healthy Set of Genes”

How to Read Food Labels Correctly?

food label

We all know Food is medicine but now we have a bigger question what quality of food, what kind of food is genuinely pure, honest and healthy. Our markets today is filled with thousands and thousands of corrupt foods which we think is healthy, but stop for a while and think -is it really healthy? Is it really worth the claim that the product is making? Continue reading “How to Read Food Labels Correctly?”

Look After Your Mitochondria & Boost Your Health


We can buy all the creams, pills and medicines in the world but if our mitochondria is not functioning the right way, we will still age rapidly, your skin will look dull, you will put on weight, lose hair, feel tired and be prone to conditions like – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Dementia, Diabetes, Huntington’s disease, Migraine , headaches, cancers and a lot more. Continue reading “Look After Your Mitochondria & Boost Your Health”

Understanding Your Addictions (Part 2)


As described in my last blog, addictions have an underlying cause. It can be low Dopamine production as well. Drinking or substance abuse just for fun is basically a cover up for emptiness, low self worth, attention seeking, loneliness or to fill up a void. It’s important to accept it and work with it than to let it destroy you completely. Continue reading “Understanding Your Addictions (Part 2)”

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT)


“Morning wood” is a slang term referring to a person having an erect penis when they wake up in the morning. The medical term is Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). It is a perfectly normal and healthy phenomena and is not a result of sexual arousal or having a dream relating to sex. Continue reading “Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT)”

We are What we Eat!


I believe that right nutrition, cooked and served the right way, within the framework of the laws of nature, has the ability to shape us, heal us, and prevent problems in so many ways. It stands to be one of the most important verticals of holistic health. Each of us have 5 selves – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and intellectual – and everything that we put in our mouths helps shape each of these selves; right from the way we look, think and Continue reading “We are What we Eat!”

Healing with Right Attitude

healing Right Attitude

In this blogpost, we will look at a key reason why most patients fail to heal, prevent and recover – and what we can do…? Attitude of the patient is as or if not, more important than the drug, and the treatment. When someone is stricken with a disease or illness, you do not throw your life and body into that hands of your healers. Continue reading “Healing with Right Attitude”