Awaken the Mind, Don’t Just Wake up!

Morning is a sacred time which decides how our day will unfold. What we do in the morning decides how we will sail through the day. It helps us set a strong foundation for the rest of the day. The one thing almost each one of us do as soon as we open our eyes on waking up is to check our phones. Continue reading “Awaken the Mind, Don’t Just Wake up!”

Simplicity and Complication

simplicity and complication

Technology is amazing. It has brought comfort into our lives, world, advancements in medicine, education, entertainment etc. Media has brainwashed us into believing that this ‘technology ‘is everything. Clever, deceitful marketing, controlled media along with fake news, has used ‘fear’ as a bait to trap and control the simple human mind. It has brought about Continue reading “Simplicity and Complication”

Xenoestrogens and Your Health


Have you ever wondered with so much technological advancement in healthcare industry, why the people are getting sicker? We see an increase in the number of people suffering from Cancer, Thyroid issues, PCOD, Diabetes etc. Of Course, the reason for these diseases is multifactorial but one of the most important reasons is present in your household.  Continue reading “Xenoestrogens and Your Health”

Boost Immunity using Lifestyle


Boosting immunity becomes the first step to when it comes to preventive health.  Immunity is the first and last line of defence in the human body against every disease known to us. And it is not just about prevention. How soon you recover from a disease/infection, is also a marker of immunity. Continue reading “Boost Immunity using Lifestyle”

The Candida Cleanse – Heal Your Gut & Yourself

I have heard people say that Candida itself is an infection. That’s not true, because everyone has Candida! Candida is a type of yeast that naturally exists in your body. It’s a normal part of your gut bacteria and is present in mucous membranes, on the skin, and in the birth canal. Continue reading “The Candida Cleanse – Heal Your Gut & Yourself”

Symptom vs Cause – The Importance of Root Cause Diagnosis

root cause

In our practice of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine, if there is anything I’ve learnt, it’s about getting the diagnosis right. No, I’m not talking about the symptoms. That’s easy to find and slap a drug like a band-aid to treat it. (I don’t have a problem with this, it helps to an extent. But it suppresses the symptom which will eventually come up again). Continue reading “Symptom vs Cause – The Importance of Root Cause Diagnosis”

How to Boost Your Immunity and Stay Protected


With the world getting sicker and environment is getting polluted – there is only one thing that can help you sail through. i.e IMMUNITY. We have said this over and over again, that immunity is the first and last line of defense. Continue reading “How to Boost Your Immunity and Stay Protected”

Toilet Paper or Water? What Should You Use to Wash Up?

toilet paper

Certain countries have their people fishing to lead up on toilet paper, there are even fights that are happening at super markets. There is an option though, that is hygienic and will reduce fear and panic of those who struggle to stock up and hoard toilet paper. Continue reading “Toilet Paper or Water? What Should You Use to Wash Up?”