Health Benefits of Ancient Ayurveda Medicine Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an age old Indian practice which originates from Ayurveda and which is about 3,000 years old. The process involves using a tablespoon of a good quality cold pressed or wet coconut oil. Many people also use sesame oil or olive oil. You put this oil on your mouth first thing Continue reading “Health Benefits of Ancient Ayurveda Medicine Oil Pulling”

How to beat Smoking ill effects

It’s easy for us to keep telling people to stop smoking, which is the right thing to do because we all know smoking leads to a number of diseases worldwide every single year. Smoking basically is something that a lot of people do worldwide and the main ailments that are caused by smoking are free radicals Continue reading “How to beat Smoking ill effects”

Stop Thinking and Start Living

As human beings we are thinking all the time. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep. We wake up in the morning we are thinking all the time and that’s a good thing because as a human being if we were unable to think our life wouldn’t be that significant.  Continue reading “Stop Thinking and Start Living”

The Art Of Drinking Water

There’s art of eating and there’s also the art of drinking water. Each of our human bodies are built up of 70 to 80 billion cells and eighty percent 75 to 80 percent of these cells live in water. They require water for metabolic activity for a strong immunity, for weight loss, for cellular function. And the way that we drink water Continue reading “The Art Of Drinking Water”

New Year Resolutions for your health and your body

Every year people around the world spend that time early in January or towards the end of December getting together their New Year resolutions which is usually fuelled or promoted by social media and everything else. What if we could have a good time and still continue to lose Continue reading “New Year Resolutions for your health and your body”

The Natural Sleeping Tablet

A lot of people today are on sleeping medication and sleeping pills. We need those medicines because of sleeplessness but at the same time but we have to look at ways of finally getting off those pills because every medicine you take has a side effect. I’ve selected two breathing techniques which works for my clients all over the world Continue reading “The Natural Sleeping Tablet”

The Power of Visualization can change your Health and Weight

There is constant communication between your mind and your body. What your mind thinks imagines and sees, it accordingly sends a signal to your body and your body responds to the signal manifesting every one of those thoughts. There’s a direct connection between the thoughts that you think Continue reading “The Power of Visualization can change your Health and Weight”

Using Lifestyle to Manage Acidity

The human body requires acid in the stomach to digest the food you eat. There’s nothing wrong with the levels of acid. But the problem becomes larger, when these levels of acid increase all the time. There are so many people today who suffer from acid reflux, acidity, and burping, bloating, flatulence. Continue reading “Using Lifestyle to Manage Acidity”

Best Lifestyle Tip for a Healthy Gut

Your gut is where, almost eighty percent of your immunity starts in your gut. Right from detoxification, inflammation and neurotransmitter activities. I’m talking about communication between your gut and your brain. The quality of your hair and skin, the inability to lose weight, the reason why you Continue reading “Best Lifestyle Tip for a Healthy Gut”

Beating Stress the Root cause of Major Diseases

Stress is the number one cause of almost every single disease and the number one reason why people find it difficult to lose weight and. The connection between stress and the connection between weight loss and weight gain is real. We need to know that everything in your body is based on a hormonal balance. Everything in your body is based on biological physiological and chemical interactions between your cells. Continue reading “Beating Stress the Root cause of Major Diseases”