An Important Trace mineral: Magnesium

There are macro nutrients which are carbohydrates, proteins and fat and there are micronutrients which consist of several trace minerals that the body requires in minute amounts. But a deficiency of a trace mineral can lead to innumerable health problems. Continue reading “An Important Trace mineral: Magnesium”

Fermented Foods

There are a lot of myths about fermented foods like dosas, idlis, dhoklas whether they are good or bad for you. A lot of people complain of bloating and flatulence and indigestion and acidity post eating fermented foods. I know south Indians and people whose staple diet are fermented foods Continue reading “Fermented Foods”

Power in Simple Carrot Juice

The power in a carrot. It is one of the most nutritious vegetable available on this planet and probably one of two reasons why we use carrot all carrot juice in almost in the treatment of almost every disease ranging from cancer to even obesity. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and Continue reading “Power in Simple Carrot Juice”

The Big Protein Myth

I believe that if all the ads, all the magazines all the articles we read about protein all the time really worked we should be having lean bodies’ muscular bodies and we should be at the right weight. But unfortunately protein has been a subject as been discussed over the last ten years Continue reading “The Big Protein Myth”

The Killer Ingredient

At this very moment tens and thousands of studies around obesity and weight loss happen in labs across the world searching for that one weight loss pill or that one treatment or that one product that one food that can help millions of people all over the world loses weight, the most sought-after goal Continue reading “The Killer Ingredient”

Brown Rice vs. White Rice

When it comes to rice there is white and there is brown and there’s this whole debate about which is healthier for you which is better for weight loss. There isn’t a problem with white rice. A lot of people think that diabetes is related to white rice, weight gain is related to white rice. Brown rice has the brand Continue reading “Brown Rice vs. White Rice”

Benefits of raw potato juice

Raw potato juice has anti-inflammatory impact which means right from arthritis to those pains in your knees, in your elbows, in your neck, in your shoulders, in your joints, in your back; it has an anti-inflammatory effect and it can reduce that pain. A lot of my clients in Canada and the cold countries with extreme winters where arthritis and the pains to do with arthritis flare up during the cold season have found remarkable relief when they’ve started introducing raw potato juice into their diet. It helps the body reduce chronic inflammation. Continue reading “Benefits of raw potato juice”

Balanced Nutrition with Vitamin and Cellular Health

Each and every one of you is built of billions and billions of cells and these cells is what maintains life. Good health and immunity is about the health of your cells. When there is correct communication between all these cells, your hormones communicate the right way and you’re able to lose weight but when there is the wrong communication between these cells because of imbalances of energy between your cells you have sickness, you have disease, and you have the inability to lose weight.  Continue reading “Balanced Nutrition with Vitamin and Cellular Health”

Cumin: A powerful medicine in nature

Cumin has the ability to fight and burn fat and I’ll explain to you exactly how it has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, detoxify your liver, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, fight off colds and virals and it is highly anti-inflammatory antiseptic anti-microbial and antibiotic.  Continue reading “Cumin: A powerful medicine in nature”

3 Great Vegetarian Proteins for Immunity and Lean body

It’s not just about the quantity of protein. What really matters is the quality of protein and how your body breaks down protein into amino acids. Your immunity uses amino acids. Your muscles use amino acids to build. So you could be taking scoops and scoops of whey protein every single day and seeing absolutely no results. In fact you’ll see that you’re putting on more body flap. Now what’s important is the quality of protein and the three or four vegetarian sources of protein that I want to discuss are simple, they’re inexpensive and available everywhere.  Continue reading “3 Great Vegetarian Proteins for Immunity and Lean body”