Sattu Methi Bhakri 

methi bhakri
Sattu Methi Bhakri is one of the easiest and nutritious of breakfast as well as snack dishes that can be easily prepared at home. It is actually a roti rolled out by combining sattu flour with fenugreek leaves and other ingredients.

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Barnyard Millet Idli

millet idli


  • Barnyard millet (Samo, vrat ke chawal): 1 cup
  • Curd: 1⁄2 cup (A2 dahi)
  • Bottle gourd grated : 4 tbsp
  • Sendha namak/Pink Himalayan salt : to taste
  • Oil /ghee: to grease the moulds.(cold pressed oil or A2 ghee)
  • Ginger-chilli paste: 1 tbsp

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Jal Jeera – The Summer Coolant

jay jeera

Summer coolant Jal Jeera emerged from the northern parts of the country due to it’s cooling effects on the body. This refresher was created by a group of people on the banks of Ganges where it was prepared with silbatti (stone slabs) grinding all the ingredients finely, after which the powder was mixed with water and preserved in clay pots Continue reading “Jal Jeera – The Summer Coolant”