Reversing Premature Menopause through Intermittent Fasting


Meet Priya, a 40-year-old, working mom of 2, who managed to reverse menopause naturally through Intermittent Fasting. Her periods stopped at the age of 34 right after she gave birth to her second child. She did not suffer from PCOD or any other gynaecological issues, the Doctors were unable to identify why she had hit menopause so early. Since her stats were normal, she was given a clean chit and went about her life normally. Continue reading “Reversing Premature Menopause through Intermittent Fasting”

How This 42-Year-Old Lost 18 Kgs By Tweaking His Eating Habits Instead Of Crash Dieting

Weight Loss

Fitness is not ripped muscles or abs. Fitness is a way of life — a healthy life that makes you feel good everyday. For 42-year-old Narendra Firodia, losing weight was just the first step to realising this goal. “My goal was to get healthy and fit! And, I knew that to make it happen, the first step that I’d have to take was – lose my body’s excess weight.” This first step commenced two years ago when Firodia weighed a whopping 102 kgs. Continue reading “How This 42-Year-Old Lost 18 Kgs By Tweaking His Eating Habits Instead Of Crash Dieting”

An integrative approach towards arresting Parkinson’s

alzheimer's success story

For all those who believe at face value that Parkinson’s has to rob you off your lifestyle …Yes, it is a degenerative condition but it doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down or arrest it to slow down. Meet Mr. Vinod Mangaldas. What a Rockstar! Seventy-one years of age and has literally arrested his Parkinson’s disease (so far all by himself) – Continue reading “An integrative approach towards arresting Parkinson’s”

“It’s not only the medicine, but the right mindset and diet…”

success story

It’s not only the medicine, but the right mindset and diet that plays a major role to cure any type of disease in the world” – says Sejal who is currently braving MND (moto neuron disease) through the power of Lifestyle.

Diwali couldn’t get better as I wake up to this beautiful gift. This is the power of lifestyle, belief , food, immunity and visualisation. We need medicine but not medicine alone. Medicine with lifestyle changes, belief and faith works miracles.
She’s on the path to recovery and shares this with me so I could in turn share it here to inspire others, we need medicine but not medicine alone , medicine with lifestyle changes and belief and faith. Please send her some love and prayers. She has promised to walk-in to see me soon and we shall then go out for coffee.

“I am Sejal R Zaveri, age 45 years, residing in Mumbai. I was diagnosed of MND (Motor Neuron Disease) 4 years ago.It’s a progressive disease, in which your muscles become weak. My cervical and lumbar muscles got affected. Due to this, my hands and legs became weak. After being diagnosed with MND I immediately started Homeopathy treatment. I continued with Homeopathy for 3 and half years, but unfortunately it didn’t work on me and my health condition deteriorated. I could hardly walk and there was lots of stiffness in my legs n hands. I started getting Anxiety attacks and was unable to sleep the whole night. I lost a lot of weight and was under major depression.
Immediately I started with Allopathy treatment and my sister booked an appointment with Dr Luke Coutinho.

And that was the turning point of my Life. He advised me to do antibody blood test. This test is for auto immune disease. He was the 1st person to advise me this test. My antibody blood count was very high, and he said this is because my gut is functioning very poor. He immediately told me to stop sugar, wheat and milk products for life time. He gave me a diet plan and his lovely voice advice and positive talks changed my mindset completely….I took his 3 months diet program, which was under Luke and his Head Nutritionist Dr.Sneha Shah. Simultaneously I also underwent STEMCELL THERAPY and I have been doing Neuro Physio regularly.”

When I started the diet plan my Haemoglobin was low, but it became normal after following their diet, without taking any medicine. I had borderline sugar also. Following their diet plan seriously, my sugar level became normal.

Luke advised me to do a lots of meditation which helped me to reduce my Anxiety attacks and my sleep. I have become more positive and energetic.Special Thanks to Dr.Sneha Shah, who was always approachable giving me the right advice and guidance.
In the end I would like to say one thing that it’s not only the medicine, but the right mindset and diet plays the major role to cure any type of disease in the world. At present I cannot walk without support but Luke had advised me to do visualisation that is to visualise what u want to do in future. By doing that I know I will walk independently one day and will become independent also.
Once again special to thanks to Luke and Dr.Sneha and his team….Love you all for making me a better person.

– Luke Coutinho

The Power of Belief and Lifestyle

We believe that the human body has forces to heal and with changes in lifestyle mind and body we try and enable the human body use those forces that are within. We have loads of people who speak bad about us, certain journalists who pull us down, other dietician organisations that bad mouth and try and pull us down Continue reading “The Power of Belief and Lifestyle”

Success Story | Using Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight & Improve Health

intermittent fasting

Here is another success story of intermittent fasting. So many people worldwide have adopted this magic lifestyle diet and made improvements in their health. I have attached the link to one of my intermittent fasting videos towards the end. You can find many more videos on this subject and other health topics on my Youtube channel. Continue reading “Success Story | Using Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight & Improve Health”

Success Story | How Anita & Tejal Overcame Fear to Achieve Sourdough Success


I had two lovely women who came up to me one day to talk about their skill and desire to teach people to bake sourdough bread. They wanted advice on how to take their classes to people across India. In my experience , if someone has the right intention backed by passion and dedication, everything is possible. They posted their first class on Continue reading “Success Story | How Anita & Tejal Overcame Fear to Achieve Sourdough Success”