Understanding and Healing of Arthritis

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Arthritis is a condition that plagues millions of people around the world every single year and people constantly suffer from the discomforts of this particular disease. There are different categories of arthritis. Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis or sometimes certain kinds of Spondylitis. But one commonality that we need to understand is that it is an inflammatory disease.

What are the causes of Arthritis?

1.) Malnutrition: Almost 1 in 3 people suffer from malnutrition every single day. When I say malnutrition I am talking about malnutrition at a cellular level. When you have junk or you have a diet that is not balanced your cells doesn’t get all the nutrition that they need and that leads to malnourishment. The body doesn’t have key trace minerals and vitamins to control inflammation and that is how inflammation becomes chronic and then develops into a condition.

2.) Physical stress:  Lack of activity and leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest problems but over-exercising is also one of the chief causes of arthritis. When you put too much stress on your joints of your ball-and-socket joints, your muscles and your cartilages inflammation comes up and stays up because we don’t give our body the right nutrition to bring down that inflammation to repair the muscles, to repair the cartilages, to repair the joints.

3.) Obesity:  Your knees and your ball-and-socket joints are designed to carry a specific amount of weight which is your ideal weight including your spine. Now if you have excessive weight over a long period of time your spine and your knees are not designed to continue carrying that weight. So the cartilages, tendons, and the muscles tend to get weaker and there’s inflammation.

4.) Lack of calcium and a lack of Vitamin D3 is also one of the causes of arthritis.

5.) Constipation: Chronic constipation leads to the accumulation of morbid matter and toxins in the human body that makes your body acidic. An acidic body has direct connection to arthritis

6.) Constant hormonal imbalance caused by junk food, improper hours of sleep and unnecessary emotional stress. Stress can lead to a hormonal imbalance which can lead to chronic inflammation. When you’re chronically stressed your body raises a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol also which is chronically high leads to inflammation.

Acidity: Chief cause of Arthritis
When I say you have an acidic environment in the body it doesn’t mean that you have to experience heartburn and acidity all the time. We have a ph. level of about 3 to 3.5 which is required to digest food. When you have too much of acidic food which produce acidity, excessive alcohol, excessive smoking, too much sugar, too much salt, too much of the wrong food, your body has alkaline buffers which automatically make your blood alkaline so our food gets digested in acidic medium but before the nutrition from the food can be transferred into our blood our blood has to maintain a certain alkaline level which is usually between 7 to 7.5. Now if it’s constantly acidic and we are putting acidic nutrients and food into our blood. Your blood natural defence mechanism is to make that acidic blood alkaline. So it starts leeching calcium which is highly alkaline to make your acidic blood alkaline. So it leeches calcium from your bones. Now it doesn’t leech calcium from the centre of your bones which is the densest part of your bones and it will be difficult for your blood to leech calcium from the densest part of your bones. So it leeches calcium from the end of your bones, your tendons, your joints where your joints end because that’s where it is easily available and easy to leech which is why all pains usually start off in a joint; like your elbow your knees your toes your fingers and then it spreads on when it’s not manage to the centre of your bone and that’s when it becomes very chronic. When it’s done leeching calcium and then starts leeching magnesium. Magnesium is such an important mineral for the human body. It controls over 300 to 500 biochemical reactions in the body. Without the right amount of magnesium we can have a cardiac arrest, our livers and kidneys can’t function. So first the body starts taking calcium because it’s taking calcium from you, automatically you have a vitamin d3 deficiency because d3 requires calcium to be absorbed into the human body. So because of an acidic medium because of our lifestyle and the food that we eat or over consumption of acidic food we create a disease like arthritis.

How to overcome Arthritis?

Stay Alkaline
Make sure that your diet is eighty percent alkaline and twenty percent acidic in nature. So your grains can be acidic in nature but that raw food that you add your fruits or vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, water, juices all of that makes your diet alkaline. When you make your diet alkaline you let the body balance its own ph level the way it needs to. A raw juice has the ability to make the accumulation of all that matter around your joints that create pain alkaline. It breaks it down so that your body can flush it out. We have certain fruits like pineapple which is rich in bromelain. Bromelain is such an important enzyme when it comes to keeping your body alkaline and reducing inflammation even in the most chronic cases of rheumatoid osteoarthritis. Then we have your black sesame seeds, til seeds that is inexpensive and freely available all over our country all over the world. You soak two tablespoons of that overnight in water and in the morning you drink the water and you eat the seeds that have highly anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation at a joint level. You have your fenugreek seeds or methi seeds which you can soak overnight in water and chew the seeds and drink the water the next morning that is highly anti-inflammatory as well.

Copper Vessels
The traditional Indian custom of drinking water out of copper mug or a cop copper vessel has a lot of power when it comes to handling inflammation and arthritis because copper is a trace mineral in the human body which has a job of strengthening your muscles around your joints, strengthen your cartilage and tendons around your joint. So get that copper vessel or copper mug and make sure that you drink the morning water out of a copper mug or a copper vessel.

Coconut oil with Camphor
Camphor has anti-inflammatory properties and coconut oil has the ability to be soaked and can be absorbed into your tendons and into your joints. So continue doing camphor mixed with olive oil or camphor mixed with coconut oil as one of the best massage oils before you sleep so you have the whole night for it to soak in. There is a myth that you cannot have lemon when you have arthritis as it is sour and will aggravate inflammation but that’s actually totally the opposite. Lemon is rich in citric acid and citric acid has the ability to dissolve, it acts like a solvent and it can dissolve uric acid and a lot of the hard deposits that could accumulate between your joints and reduce your pain.

Sea Bath
Having a sea bath is fantastic because sea salt contains iodine which can complete a lot of balance in our body that reduces inflammation. Iodine is also necessary in an underactive thyroid and if you have an underactive thyroid gland or insufficient thyroxin it can aggravate your arthritis. So make sure that you sought your hypothyroid issues out which is one of the easiest conditions to reverse so that you have the right amount of iron in your body.

Stay Warm
When you have arthritis keep your body warm. If you’re putting bandages or crepe bandages around the areas and joints that pain make sure it’s not too tight because this stops circulation and blood flow to the sore areas.Yoga is gentle on the joints and there are certain asanas that can actually help you reduce inflammation and arthritis. Through pranayama you train your body how to breathe, you train your lungs to send the right amount of carbon dioxide to all your inflamed cells and joints and remove the excess carbon dioxide that stays between the tissues of these inflamed joints creating more pain and reducing the chances to heal.

In case of arthritis many times you have to be on painkillers. I am not saying get off painkillers but change your lifestyle so that you can reduce them because by taking pain killers you’re reducing pain with a side effect which is actually producing more inflammation which is the very cause of your disease. Make that lifestyle change. You can reverse your arthritis if you cannot reverse it you can make it better and you can eventually get onto that part of reversing it completely.

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