Introducing the Gurukul of Lifestyle Medicine


Last week, we launched India’s first “Gurukul – The school of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine”,a world class education system that aims at upskilling people with a passion and desire to learn about health in a holistic way. Gurukul brings you the best of doctors, nutritionists, clinical and registered dietitians, fitness instructors, yoga experts, lifestyle coaches, emotional healers together to teach a concept called “Lifestyle Medicine”.

Lifestyle Medicine is not a replacement for medicine, but it fills the biggest gap that exists all across the globe called “lifestyle”. It is not about putting someone on a medication or challenging the medication that individual must be already on. It is” “integrative” and not “alternative” medicine.  When we inculcate lifestyle changes, we also gain the potential of reversing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular diseases, push certain cancers to remission and manage the side effects of medications by making parallel lifestyle changes.

We receive a lot of requests and queries from people and care-givers wanting to educate themselves about lifestyle so that they could heal their or their loved one’s heath. This Gurukul invites all of you to come and learn the topics of your interest in-depth. When we are empowered with the right knowledge, followed by the right action – we have the ability to heal one another. You do not have to be a nutritionist or a doctor to heal yourself or others.

So, over the past couple of months, we built a team of finest experts who have created the most fantastic content available at the Gurukul to educate you about lifestyle and holistic measures to heal and prevent diseases. To begin with, we are organising weekly face-to-face sessions where our team of doctors, nutritionists, clinical dietitians, yoga and lifestyle experts come together to train you on subjects like Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Cardiovascular health, Obesity, etc in a holistic way over a span of 7-8 hours with scheduled breaks.

Each course will cover different aspects of lifestyle that one can make use of to prevent and heal conditions. To begin with, we want to perfect the face-to-face courses wherein attendees and the faculty can interact with one another and create a different energy in the classroom. We may gradually take Gurukul across states and cities in India and abroad, but for now we want to go back to our traditional system of education where the guru (teacher) and shishyas (students) come together and learn in a classroom, the old-school style. We are looking at theory as well as practical ways of learning and implementing.  For e.g.: yoga asanas will be demonstrated by the teacher followed by students implementing the same to learn the correct form and posture. Once we perfect this model, we will gradually move Gurukul to online sessions too so that more and more people from around the world can benefit from this.

The courses available at Gurukul doesn’t certify you to become a doctor or a nutritionist. Instead it is to add value to your current certification and knowledge that you already have.

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