We Desi: Traditional Classics With a Healthy Twist

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Mahak and Ranjana are two best friends, IIT Bombay grads, big time foodies and also founders of WeDesi. In spite of having a rich culture bursting with energy, color, and tradition, we couldn’t believe that Indian snacks have rarely been considered cool. While we grew up eating khakhra, chikki, chakli, and gujiya; our supermarkets are packed with chips, nachos, and cookies. At the same time we realised that the packaged food available on the shelves is full of additives, preservatives, processed to the point of removing all nutrition. The idea was why can’t we have a line of products that are made of ingredients that we anyways use in our day-to-day cooking.

As Indian cuisine is very rich and varied, if done properly, we can have a range of shelf suitable products with all natural ingredients but the reason they had been ignored till date is that Indian snacking scene has been dominated by global food giants and these MNCs have simply pushed what has worked outside in Indian markets and even our homegrown brands like Balaji and Pratap stuck to already proven Western products like wafers for growth.

There is one more thing. Even the packaged healthy food like trail mixes or energy bars are not suited for Indian taste palate. Of course they have traction but the white space for healthy products around grandmother’s recipes remain.

The trends are changing. Indian consumer doesn’t need validation from the west. Traditional things can be perceived as a luxury. At WeDesi we aim to create a range of products that are drawn from traditional roots (desi hona chahiye), focussed on holistic living and designed for millennials. And that’s the plan to create a range of aspirational desi consumer products. So here we are with Indian snacks 2.0; the same recipes, the same tradition and the same nostalgia, but with a small twist to make it more relevant in today’s times.

Aligning to what we want, we came with Mahak mom’s recipe of Jagger Bombs as the best fit for healthy packed food. They are essentially a burst of dry fruits binded together in goodness of organic jaggery. Eating one Jagger Bomb is like eating 5 pistachios, 4 almonds, 4 foxnuts, 3 cashews, jaggery, gondh, ghee and literally nothing else. It’s how we’ve always described Jagger Bombs. What’s inside. What isn’t. We think it’s everything ones needs to know while buying. No fillers. No asterisk. No free rides.

Technically, they are our good old ghee, gud and dry fruits laddu that we unfortunately forgot about in the era of energy bars and energy drinks. It’s truly a nutritional bomb of protein, carbs, good fats and fiber thats wholesome and nourishing. The good amount of fats and fibre in this laddu ensures a steady release of sugar into the bloodstream, so even if it is a ladoo, it wouldn’t spike up your sugar levels. Rich in nut, Jagger Bombs also make a great source of magnesium, calcium, B6, zinc, selenium, copper, phosphorous, potassium and Vitamin E. The big plus is that they have a 6 month shelf life in ambient storage conditions owing to jaggery acting as a natural preservative.

Jagger bombs are best consumed as a direct replacement to dry fruits. As each ball is >75% dry-fruits, one ball per day, implies consuming dry fruits for a day. As a snack, Jagger bombs can be eaten along with breakfast, evening snack, munching with tea/coffee, dessert after lunch/dinner. If you are someone who is afraid of your sweet cravings, or love to have snacks throughout the day, conscious of your body but can’t stop binging on food, athlete who is preparing for challenges, Jagger Bombs is the solution. Not just this, Jagger Bombs has been considered for corporate gifting, wedding gifting due to its premium taste and customisable packaging.

Currently, Jagger Bombs are available offline in Mumbai and Delhi stores. You can find the nearest store to you, using the store locator page of wedesi.co (https://wedesi.co/store-locator/). Online, we are present on amazon (Buy on Amazon), website (wedesi.co), qtrove (https://goo.gl/AwHioi), bigbasket mumbai (https://goo.gl/NP8NvA),

We also take international orders from our website or through whatsapp (+919833429735/+919769381641). Shipping charges are considerably cheaper if you order 8 trays together. We have overseas customers who order 10 trays at a time, freeze them for freshness, defrost whenever needed and consume.

“Got my Jagger Bombs today & would like to inform you that my kid & I just loved the taste… So yummy so soft that was just melting in the mouth. Also, the taste of jaggery & pure Desi ghee did wonders to my inner soul… Thank you so much! Wish the pack has more of them.”
– Bhawna Kathuria Sharma”

I bought the jaggerbombs from Luke’s Farmer’s market on Friday last week. My hubby, daughter and myself absolutely fell in love with them. Can’t stop at eating just one. It’s delicious with a lovely lingering sweet after taste of the ghee and jaggery. Good stuff.”
– Sharyn Mendes

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