Aging – A graceful journey

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Most of your health issues and weight problems start when you start changing your lifestyle which leads to disease, unnecessary medication and a deterioration in the quality of life. But it is also a fact that a good lifestyle can reverse these conditions. Here are a few lifestyle tips for aging gracefully

Consume Less
When it comes to nutrition, consuming fewer calories is the most important lifestyle change that you can make because over consumption is the number one root cause of most issues that people have today. Our digestive system uses over 75 percent of energy in a single day. We need energy to be distributed equally around our body for repairing, healing and functioning of our vital organs. If our digestive system is stealing most of that energy because we’re eating too much or we’re eating more of the wrong foods we have ill health.

Avoid Outside Food
Outside eating is also a major cause for most disease and weight gain today. Many people when they resort to eating at home most of the time they find that most of the health issues actually fall into place. It’s very important to add raw foods like onion, garlic, cucumber, carrot to your diet as the live enzymes present in the raw food repairs immunity, inflammation and heals disease in the body.

Fix Acidity Issues
Acidity is not something that we want to have when we’re aging. The mucosal linings of your stomach become weak over a period of time and acid makes it weaker; so make sure that you look at the way you eat your food which is mindfully chewing, slowing down, eating the right portions, the way you drink water which is not gulping down your water but sitting down and slowly sipping on your water as most of the water that you drink gets absorbed into your cells for cellular function and cellular activity.

Check B12 & D3 Levels
Almost one in two people today across all age groups have a deficiency of d3 and b12. Likewise when you look we see a number of cases of osteoporosis and low immunity which is caused by the deficiency of these two vitamins. Vitamin b12 is extremely beneficial for your mind health, memory, neurological health and that’s something that we see in India deteriorating today and around the world as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are new to the Indian diet and you will find it in people who are straight away from Indian cuisine. So start looking at natural ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric, black pepper, walnuts that have existed in traditional Indian diet for years. The combinations of all of these ingredients look after brain health.

Stay Active
Exercising also plays a major role when we talk about aging. Walking is the best exercise.  It is a weight-bearing exercise good for circulation and a good body posture. Make it a habit to do a little bit of yoga for flexibility. Pranayama and deep breathing increases the strength of your lungs by releasing toxins inhaled by the human body. You will find that as you age your body requires more sleep. Make sure that you give your body the amount of sleep it needs. Sleep is rejuvenating as it repairs cells and balances hormones in the body.

Alkaline Body
Keeping your body alkaline is very important. So adding a portion of raw cucumbers or lemon water or raw carrots or having some proportion of raw to your diet will help keep your body alkaline. Dental health is also extremely important to have a quality life. Explore oil pulling which is a simple lifestyle habit of waking up in the morning, taking two tablespoons of pure coconut oil and gargling and pulling all over swishing it around your mouth and spitting it out. It takes care of most dental problems. Adding a drop of coconut oil to the toothbrush at night with the toothpaste encourages good gum health and balances the good and bad bacteria in your mouth.

Spiritual Health
Spiritual health is extremely important when we talk about aging. Spiritual balance is a habit that you should develop right now because you can’t change the stressful situations that you come across as you age but you can change the way you look at the situation. For that you need in a balance which can come through meditation, chanting, praying or visualization. You need to start looking inside yourself to get that strength you require to handle and accept all that’s happening around you or the strength to let go of the things that you don’t like or the things that causes stress, you will find that strength only through developing your spiritual balance.

No Television
As we age we start spending more time in front of the TV which is a waste of your time and a waste of your life. A few TV programmes and movies are good to keep you entertained. As you age you acquire experience and wisdom. Instead of spending all the time in front of TV what if you could channel all that wisdom and experience into helping other people. So I always encourage people to look at what your strengths are and how can you use your strengths to build a better community. Writing out a cheque is easy and absolutely respectable, your money will help people but the time, wisdom and experience that you have can make all the difference and I can tell you it will keep you fulfilled.

Rekindle your Passion
Most people today have reached an age where they’ve never followed their passion, to fulfil demands in their life but right now if there has been a passion or something that you wanted to follow start following it right now. It is therapeutic when you start following your passion. You will have unbelievable energy that wakes you up every morning, changes the way you live and the way you think.

Socialize, have good friends, spend a lot of time with your family members that keeps you healthy but do not let society drain you emotionally, physically, mentally because society today is a virus if you don’t look at it the right way. Do not let society dictate how you look, who you should be, how you should think and how you should live. Choose community over society because community is something that you build with people with love and passion that you participate in and you’re allowed to be who you truly are.

Remember we are all products of nature, which means when we align the way we eat, move, sleep and think with nature then anything that’s a disease or a pain or an ailment tends to go away. We always feel at peace when we spend time in greenery in nature because that is natural to the human body and mind. So keep it simple, stay healthy at all ages and enjoy and invest in graceful aging. You don’t have to be old to start that you can start that right now right today.


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