Basic Fundamentals of Aligning with Nature

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Over the years, my work has led me to believe that we need a fundamentally different way of looking at health care. One that goes beyond just a system of looking at symptoms and what gets people into doctor’s clinics and hospitals. We need a method of looking at healthcare where it begins, where we live, where we sleep, where we eat, where we work.

There is too much of disease today. With the advancement of technology and medicine we find that there are people who are sicker and there are more and more people visiting hospitals and doctors. We need to plug that gap.

Nature has all Answers
The foundation of what I do comes with utmost reverence and respect for nature because I believe that everything that we need for the body health and the mind comes from nature. After all we are all products of nature and we are designed by nature which means simply that the body is designed to heal itself if we only give it a chance to. What I want to achieve through my counselling my teaching and my healing is reminding people that since we are products of nature we respond best to the biological parameters of nature. This simply means that if we align the way we eat, the way we think, the way we sleep and the way we move to nature then everything that’s a disease be an arthritis, cancer, obesity or diabetes; it tends to disappear because nature has a cure and we allow our body to use its natural brilliance that’s called the immunity to heal itself. We don’t fight disease. We promote health because where does health there’s peace and where there is peace there is healing.

There are hundreds of different diseases which implies that there are hundreds of different cures which also implies that there are hundreds of different causes. So I want everyone to understand that there is not just one method of healing a disease there are many and we should be open to using the gifts of nature. What we used to restore health are the very same things that we use to maintain health and that is treatment and healing aligned with nature

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