Beating Stress the Root cause of Major Diseases

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Stress is the number one cause of almost every single disease and the number one reason why people find it difficult to lose weight. The connection between stress, weight loss and weight gain is real. Everything in your body is based on a hormonal balance.

Cortisol & Types of Stress
When you stay stressed for a longer period of time there is a hormone called cortisol which is released. Cortisol is a stress hormone which we all need. All of us need stress in our lives to motivate us to do the things that we want to do. That is acute stress where your stress levels go up and they come back down. The problem today is chronic stress, which means when our stress levels go up and they stay up throughout the day. These chronic stress levels are bad for the human body because it keeps that hormone cortisol up. When cortisol is up your thyroxine falls down automatically, your testosterone levels fall automatically and your DHEA which is a hormone which is a precursor to immunity also stays low.

How do we manage this better?
We can’t get rid of the stressful situations in our life. Manage your stress effectively. I want to give you one tip that I would like each of you to work on. It revolves around a word called ideals. Now each and every one of you including myself have expectations from ourselves and other people. We have expectations that we should look in a particular way or that we should behave a particular way, we should be successful that we should be handsome that we should be pretty that we should have a six-pack or a size zero figure. These are ideals that we develop up for the world around us. These expectations and these ideals are basically not reality. They are fantasies of what we want reality to be. If you look around things are constantly changing. But yet as human beings we hold on to these ideals and we hold on to these expectations and they cause stress. So the next time you feel angry, sad, depressed, negative, aggressive, you have a feeling of guilt or a feeling of resentment stop at that point and reflect for a moment as to what ideal are you holding on to that has caused that emotion and you will always be able to find a connection between that behaviour and that emotion and that ideal that you’re holding on to.

Don’t be Attached to an Ideal
Right now if you’re struggling with a weight problem, you are holding on to an expectation or an ideal that you should look a particular way. Your intention is correct, you have an intention of being healthy you have an intention of looking a particular way. Now don’t be attached to that. It is impossible for the human mind to work on two different things together. Like having an intention and working out the process at the same time. The human mind works sequentially. So you can have an intention followed by a plan to reach that intention and then you detach from the intention and you only work on your plan. It is impossible for you to work on board of these aspects together. You have your goal in mind you have your intention in mind that you want to be healthy you want to lose weight and look a particular way. That’s your intention. Now leave it and work on the process. Stress is your biggest obstacle when it comes to losing weight. If you are working out well, if you are eating right, if you are sleeping well and you are still not losing weight or you are still not getting healthy, stress is that missing link from the equation of healing and that equation of weight loss.

So look inside for what’s going to make you happy. Look inside for meaning in your life. Never depend on external people or situations because that’s not real and that’s not you. Work on your ideals, it will take you that one step closer towards managing your stress effectively.

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