Best Lifestyle Tip for a Healthy Gut

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Almost eighty percent of your immunity starts in your gut. Right from detoxification, inflammation and neurotransmitter activities. I’m talking about communication between your gut and your brain. The quality of your hair and skin, the inability to lose weight, the reason why you put on so much of weight, flatulence, bloating, acidity, indigestion, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s, cancer are all the possible issues that are actually connected with your gut. If most of these issues start from the gut the root problem lies in the health of your gut.

It’s very important to have a clean gut. The food that we eat goes to our stomach and comes down to our intestines. The wall of the intestines is like fishing net with very small holes. This fishing net allows all the nutrients from the food that you eat which has been digested come to your intestine. Those nutrients have to pass through that thin fishnet into your blood and your blood carries those nutrients along with oxygen to all those billions of cells in your body.

Now when you eat the wrong foods or you eat too fast you have too much of acid in your stomach. If you don’t chew your food right enough it doesn’t get digested. These large particles come right down to your intestine, they poke holes in that fish net. Those small holes become bigger and then you have things like protein molecules and toxins entering your bloodstream.

So how do you keep your gut clean?

When we reduce the amount of toxicity going into our body it leads to a healthy gut. A lot of things are not in control, like the air that we breathe, the pollution, contamination in the food which is why we detoxify regularly. We help our body reduce toxic overload through clean eating, regular detoxes, fasting, a fruit to lunch kind of a challenge, exercise, sweating, through the right quantity of water to the right probiotics.

We need probiotics. Now you can find it in kefir, you can find it in stock, you can find it in yogurt which is life culture, you can buy a great vegan probiotic, you can make them home but you need a probiotic every single day.

Raw Food
The third thing that we need some proportion of raw food in our diet because we get digestive enzymes and the good bacteria when we eat raw food. The moment you cook it all of that is destroyed.

White Sugar
White sugar is the poison and white sugar is a drug that we have to be careful of because your body doesn’t know how to handle it your body doesn’t know how to process it and white sugar wipes out all of the good bacteria from your gut; so moderation and do it with awareness.

Excess caffeine creates inflammation in your gut. So if you’re drinking caffeine make sure that you drink sufficient water because it also acts as a diuretic.

Control the use of antibiotics. They give you temporary relief and only treat your symptoms. There are so many things that can make you feel better which our earth has given us. Start exploring that because the damage that antibiotics cause for you are irreversible. It damages your gut.

Stress has a direct impact on your gut health, which is why when you’re stressed you feel those kind of spasms in your stomach, when you’re nervous you’re going to do a talk or you’re going to do a show and you’re nervous, what are those butterflies in your stomach; that’s nothing but your gut sending communication to your brain and your gut communicates all the time. In fact, you have a second brain in your gut it’s called your enteric nervous system. Your ENS system. It is as real as your brain. So now think about cravings, think about all that communication, all the cravings that you’ve been fighting it just could be an unhealthy gut communicating with your brain in the wrong language.

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