The Power of Visualization can Change Your Health and Weight

There is constant communication between your mind and your body. What your mind thinks, imagines and sees, it accordingly sends a signal to your body and your body responds to the signal manifesting every one of those thoughts. There’s a direct connection between the thoughts that you think and the feelings that you feel. So how do these feelings and these emotions impact your health and your body?

Each and every one of us is made up of billions of cells which constantly vibrate with what we feel. You have the power right now to change every aspect of your life by controlling or being aware of every single thought that passes through your mind. Doing this is not easy. It’s difficult because there are more than 60,000 thoughts that go through our mind every single day, but we can try being more aware of the thoughts that make us feel bad. So every time we feel an emotion that we don’t like, like sadness, anger, jealousy, it’s at that point that we need to be aware of exactly what thought do we have in our mind. Are we thinking of someone who brings out that emotion in us or are we thinking of a situation that triggers of that emotion and when we’re aware of that thought, we have the power to change that thought.

We all know that when we close our eyes and we visualize something that’s happy we can change the way we feel we can change the environment in the human body. We can apply the same concept to our health and when you master this the same concept can be applied to every aspect of your life. It’s not about just thinking and having positive affirmations and randomly reading off a positive affirmation from a book and thinking that is going to work for you. It is when you close your eyes and you start visualizing something that had become so real in your mind.

Focus on Positives
I’m going to give you real life examples of people going through chemotherapy. Today when a patient goes through chemotherapy before the session I tell them, while you have that chemotherapy going into your body I need you to close your eyes and just imagine that whatever is going into your body is going through all of those cells and like little soldiers cleaning all your cancer out of your body. I tell people every time you’re taking chemo or radiation just close your eyes and instead of imagining all the side effects that chemo and radiation comes with, you visualize that everything going into your body is healing you. Imagine that it’s entering you, cleaning it up and coming out of your body. Almost every one of these patients have either not gone through the side effects of chemo or radiation or they felt much better. Other side effects have been much more contained than the previous chemo cycles because everything comes with an attachment of fear. This concept can also be applied every aspect of your health. Every medicine that you take don’t take it with a negative feeling, take it with a feeling that it is going to heal you, that it’s going to go into your stomach digests and all that goodness is going to be absorbed into your body and heal that condition for which you’re taking the medicine. That does how visualization works. You have to do it mindfully.

Weight Loss
In case of weight loss seventy to eighty percent of the people who have weight loss issues start in the mind. All the time they are lamenting about their weight, criticizing themselves, complaining, they feel negative about the fact that their weight isn’t moving, all the time negative thoughts about the way they look, about the weight that they carry and then that’s exactly the signal that your body is getting and that’s exactly how it will be. You will continue to feel fat, lethargic and ugly if those are the thoughts that you have. Now in a split second you have control to change from that negative thought to something positive. Start visualizing yourself waking up every day after a good night’s sleep, exercising, spending that time in your kitchen getting a healthy breakfast together. Picture you exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, a healthy snack, a healthy dinner. Forget about everything. You just visualize what you need to do to lose weight and how you want to look. You have to have a mental image of what a thin or slim you look like. You have to have that mental image every single day so you change from negative thoughts to positive simply by visualizing how an ideal day for you looks. You visualize that your health food the food that you’re eating is tasty. You visualize that every sip of water is hydrating you, boosting your metabolic rate and helping you lose weight, you visualize that anything and everything that you’re putting in your mouth is working for your number one goal which is losing weight. So you visualize that if you’re eating that cupcake or eating that sweet or eating that little bit of junk food it is helping you lose weight. That is the power of visualization.

How to Visualize
This is a simple exercise that anyone and everyone can do to visualize. You sit with your back straight and erect, close your eyes, first you steady your breathing; simple you inhale and exhale all you do is you focus on your inhale and your exhale; it doesn’t matter if your breath is long or short, if it’s uneven, if it’s steady you just focus on your inhale and exhale; imagine the air going through your nostrils and the air coming out of your nostrils, after a while let all the thoughts flow through your mind, do not try to stop any of the thoughts passing through your mind, let every thought pass through your mind but bring your focus back to your breath. Do this for a couple of minutes and then you break out of visualization. And it is a step to set you for that. You close your eyes you imagine that the top of your skull is opening and it’s a bright white light or yellow light; whatever colour you want but make sure it’s a bright light; is entering from the top of your head slowly passing through your brain, through your chest, to all your organs right up to your toes. This light as it enters you is energizing every organ every cell of your body. So on the inhale you inhale all this white light entering from the top of your head flowing so only through every part of your body right down to your toes and on the exhale you can imagine anything that you want to exhale from your body it could be toxins, disease, weight, fat, negative thoughts or negative feelings. You do these three or four times and now you’re prepared to start visualizing. Now you visualize what you want. You visualize for 15-20 minutes every day.

You can do it anytime of the day wherever you are. Before you go to sleep I find is the most spiritual time that you can because it’s meditative it doesn’t allow you to think of all the thoughts that on all the bad things that you’ve gone through the day. That is the power of visualization, it never fails, but it requires discipline, passion, belief and it requires that you start doing it to realize the results of it.

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