Benefits of Raw Potato Juice

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There are a number of benefits of Raw Potato Juice. I advise you to try it. It’s really simple to prepare. We peel off the potato skin because it holds a lot of pesticides and dirt and then cut the potatoes and juice it with water. It’s as simple as that. You may not like the taste. You can mix it with carrot juice, beetroot juice, some people add a little bit of ginger, some people add honey to the potato juice, I like it plain, it tastes like the potato, and it’s great. I usually add it to my morning vegetable juice and I’ve gotten into a habit of having about 200ml potato juice at night as well. Try adding that to your lifestyle. These are the benefits of raw potato juice

Raw potato juice has anti-inflammatory impact which means right from arthritis to those pains in your knees, in your elbows, in your neck, in your shoulders, in your joints, in your back; it has an anti-inflammatory effect and it can reduce that pain. A lot of my clients in Canada and the cold countries with extreme winters where arthritis and the pains to do with arthritis flare up during the cold season have found remarkable relief when they’ve started introducing raw potato juice into their diet. It helps the body reduce chronic inflammation.  Now inflammation is good for us as it’s the body’s natural defence mechanism to protect us. It becomes bad for us when it stays chronic, when the inflammation doesn’t come down. So raw potato juice has the ability to direct circulation of blood to all the areas of your body.

Improves Circulation
A lot of us suffer from many issues due to poor circulation. Proper circulation is important because circulation carries blood to all the cells of your body, billions of cells in your body and blood carries oxygen which is the vital life force and nutrients from the food that you eat to all those parts of the body. It’s not about what you eat it’s about how your body digest what you eat. It’s important that all the nutrients from the food you eat reach all these billions of cells and that happens when you have a good digestive system which comes with your proper blood circulation and potato juice helps increase circulation to all those cells in the human body.

Potato juice is also highly alkaline and we all know the whole acidic alkaline ratio of the body. Most diseases breed in an acidic environment and although the body has a natural pH balance to balance out acidic and alkaline levels with lifestyle and a constant exposure to junk food, stress, antibiotics and medicines, we tend to be more acidic and sometimes we have to help the body become alkaline. Raw potato juice does that fantastically which is why most of my cancer patient’s wake up to some amount of raw potato juice in the mornings and at night or in between the day to help keep their bodies alkaline.

Skin Health
When it comes to skin; applying raw potato juice to your skin is absolutely beneficial especially in terms of eczema. I have a lot of clients from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia Dubai, and Abu Dhabi where because of the kind of climate eczema gets you know enhanced and no amount of application of oils and steroidal creams really work. But we found out that raw potato juice when applied to the areas that have eczema constantly for about 10 to 15 days brings about immediate relief and we’ve also got feedback from children and adults who have been using it for their children that the eczema is totally disappearing.

Uric Acid
When it comes to gout, uric acid is something that many people suffer from every single day and you get that pain in your toes and uric acid is not really a good sign for you anyway because it shows and it tells you it’s a bio feedback from your body telling you that your kidney isn’t working right, your kidney is unable to remove uric acid from your body. Raw potato juice has the ability to break down and flush out uric acid from your body. So if you suffer from that uric acid it’s a great option for you to try and get on to a raw potato juice one glass in the morning, one glass at night.

This is something that so many people suffer from extreme acidity, extreme stomach disorders in digestion, flatulence and bloating. For this i recommend one to two tablespoons of raw potato juice mixed with a little bit of water before your lunch, before your dinner and before your breakfast. Do this for about one to two weeks and you will find that you get some amount of relief using raw potato juice to treat this.

Potatoes are rich in fibre which helps clean out excess cholesterol from your system and also potatoes do not contain cholesterol at all which means that makes it low cholesterol or zero cholesterol food for use.

Kidney Detox
Raw potato juice is excellent for detoxifying the kidney, the liver, the gallbladder and in general your entire body because these are the key organs which need to be detoxified all the time. It helps you build immunity; it helps you detoxify the body right from cholesterol to cancer to arthritis to your general well-being.

Good Hair
Clients have been using raw potato juice in their hair and they all come back with feedback that hair has becomes softer. There are a lot of scientific write-ups about how it has the ability to even change pigmentation. So people say that the greying of their hair actually slow down. Now you can use raw potato juice directly on your hair, you can wash it off after 20 minutes or you can wash it off after an hour and it makes your hair soft and black and it’s absolutely fantastic for dandruff or any eczema in the head as well it keeps your hair clean as well. You make raw potato juice and soak in cotton and you apply it to the bottom of your eyes where you usually have the puffiness before you sleep and you keep it on for a while and it’s great when it comes to reducing these black circles that’s if your black circles are not caused by lack of sleep.

Now remember there’s always a disclaimer, you need to speak to your doctor before doing this if you have high potassium problems, especially high potassium in your blood because raw potatoes and potatoes are rich in potassium. So if you have been advice to be on a low potassium diet by your doctor’s or by your nutritionist, potato is something that you should be very careful of because it’s rich in potassium.

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  1. Luke,

    I had done raw potato juice back in 2011 and I suspect that it led to formation of gallstones for which I had to go for a surgery that became complicated in the OT as a few had moved into bile duct.

    Could the stones have formed due to raw poato regime for a month or more…dispel my belief if I am wrong… as a doc.

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