The Truth About Milk And Why It Is Bad For Us

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There was a time we all drank milk and our ancestors did too and there were no health problems. But the greed of mankind has destroyed the quality of milk and animals and the corrupt food lobbies do anything and everything to prove that milk is required for good health and that patients suffering from serious diseases should consume milk. There are many people who consume milk and who give their children milk and they’re absolutely healthy without any health problems at all and then there are many people suffering from diseases and I have a list of the diseases over the last few years where we remove milk and dairy from the diet of people with these diseases and they started healing and getting better and a lot of them actually no longer had that disease again. We can’t just stop milk because there are so many parents with the next genuine question as to what do we feed our infants, toddlers and children with? There are many substitutes available.

It is very important to create awareness about dairy because each and every one of you may have some particular disease that you are suffering from. Some of you may be struggling to lose weight, some of you have arthritis, some of you have leukaemia’s and cancer, some of you may have cardiovascular problems and diabetes, lupus and autoimmune disorders and in this endeavour to constantly find solutions over and above just medicine we have to explore certain things in our diet. Today our mind pattern when it comes to healing is what do we add to our diet? What medicine do we take? What protein shake do we take? What supplements do we take? What vitamins do we take? But a lot of human bodies heal with not just adding stuff to your diet but sometimes just eliminating. Eliminating also leads to healing.

For example how do you heal a gut that’s damaged? How do you heal early leaky gut syndrome. It’s not by adding constant probiotics, vitamins, minerals, fibre rich foods, green juices and smoothies. Sometimes the best drug is elimination where you eliminate certain foods that cause irritation to the gut lining and just by eliminating it you allow the gut to rest and you allow a human body to start healing automatically.

Should you have milk or you shouldn’t have it? There are so many vegans who are not on milk and a lot of vegans are still sick. So it’s not about being a vegan or being an extreme. You could have a little bit of milk in your diet if it’s not harming you. We shouldn’t be afraid of certain things and miss the underlying root cause of our problem today. Everyone’s just getting off gluten and milk and they’re still not getting better because that’s not the underlying root cause. For many people sometimes it’s just a weak digestive system. Sometimes it’s just that your overall diet is so deficient in nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that things like wheat and dairy then start to harm your system.

We need to think about our ancestors who drank milk and they never had disease like we have today. It was very rare to hear for someone who was lactose intolerant or very rare to find someone for whom milk created a problem with digestion, bloating, acidity and others. They drank milk and today we have an issue with milk. The problem is the quality of milk that has changed over times. Our ancestors drank raw milk straight from the cow and that raw milk is the most powerful food on this planet. It has all the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. It’s a whole food by itself. Dieticians and nutritionists studied this in college that it is a Class A protein and it is one of the best quality proteins that you can ever find.

Why are people intolerant to milk today? We need to understand that about fifty years ago a regular cow could produce 20,000 pounds of milk in a year. Today a cow can produce 50,000 pounds of milk in a year. How’s that possible? The answer is in what they’re feeding the cows. Be it vaccinations, oestrogen or be it something called bovine growth hormones or antibiotics. There’s so many of you who have seen videos of animal cruelty and how cows are being made to produce more and more milk. You have so many cows and you have the supply and demand of milk. Milk is found in almost every processed food. Milk is used across the world. So you need a constant supply as there’s a big demand for milk. So how do you get cows to produce more milk? You’ve got to keep the cows free of disease and you got to keep them healthy. So they have vaccinations and antibiotics because the way cows are bred and kept together they are very susceptible to disease. So basically they’re pumped with antibiotics so that they don’t fall sick and then you got to pump the cow with more oestrogen to produce more milk and with something called bovine growth hormone. It’s BGH. Google this and you’ll be surprised and shocked at the links that bovine growth hormones have with most tumours and cancers and that is in your milk. Whatever goes into the cow comes into their milk and we consume that milk in any form and it comes into our body which explains today the reason why young girls are reaching puberty way before their age. It is because of oestrogen. Oestrogen is a growth hormone for females as well. It makes them reach puberty way faster. Young girls of the age of five and six are tending to develop abdominal fat. They’re getting fat and when you look at the diet of these young girls it is rich in dairy and milk.

I have a list of diseases where we have cut out milk and dairy over the years and we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in the conditions. They are diabetes, most cancers, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, leukaemias, ovarian cancers and colic in children.

Just cut down the milk and you see that the colic disappears. When you were a baby and your mom and dad were feeding you at that point colic was unheard of. When there was colic you put a little bit of castor oil in the belly or a little bit of hing in the food or on the belly and the colic disappeared but today milk is the number one cause of these chronic colic cases in most children. When you remove milk and dairy from people who have sinus and asthma, the improvement in their health is unbelievable. Also milk causes IBS.

The statistics over the last years show that 50% of the antibiotics manufactured by pharmaceuticals go towards cows and go towards animals. So it’s not just humans using antibiotics it is also animals. These antibiotics that are fed to the cows are broad-spectrum antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antibiotic is so powerful that it goes into your body and it kills all of the bad bacteria and all of the possible pathogens and bacterial infections and it also kills the good bacteria. So you have a very unhealthy cow giving you milk and you may be thinking its rich in nutrition and like people say that milk is rich in calcium and protein and the media also makes you believe that all that tetra pack milk coming into your home is rich in nutrition.

Now we’re going to take a step further and understand how we’ve been fooled over the years. Raw milk is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Now how long can raw milk last for? Raw milk will spoil. Actually It won’t spoil but it starts souring within 4 to 5 days. The shelf-life of the milk in the tetra pack is just three months or sometimes four months or sometimes even six months. Raw pure milk will start souring within 3 to 4 days and when it sours it’s actually healthier because there’s a lot of probiotic and lactoferrin that naturally develops and you have sour milk which is actually a great probiotic for you.

Then came along pasteurization and homogenization and to fool us they said now it’s cleaner hygienic milk because raw milk can make you sick. But the bacteria in raw milk are actually very healthy for you. Today most of us sicknesses and most of our autoimmune disorders are caused because we are too clean. We use antimicrobial soaps and hand washes. We don’t expose our children to mud and to playing in the gardens. The moment we bring them in we wash their hands with anti-microbial soaps and remove all the microbes and bacteria that are necessary for a gut health and we’ve been fooled about living in this extra hygienic world which has actually made us sicker and sicker. So we got fooled into believing that pasteurization is giving us clean milk. Yes it is taking away a lot of bacteria e.coli and a lot of pus which has come in because of the way the cows are treated. It’s not because of the milk. So pasteurization made us believe that it’s hygienic. The second thing it did was it started improving the shelf-life of milk which is only what the food companies profit from. If milk is going to sour in three days there’s no profit in it but if you can keep it in the supermarkets for three to six months, that’s where all the profit is in.

In pasteurization the milk is heated at a temperature which increases its shelf-life. During the heating period you kill the enzymes, denature the protein, kill the vitamin C, and you make that calcium insoluble in the human body. So the calcium coming from milk is doing nothing for your bones. You denature the phosphorus and magnesium. So what you’re getting is clean milk that will not make you sick because it’s clean but nor will it give you the protein that you think you’re getting nor will it give you the calcium that you think you’re getting.

America and India are the highest consumers of calcium and the highest consumers of milk and has the highest number of people who have osteoporosis. If we drink so much milk we should have the lowest count of osteoporosis and calcium deficiencies. We shouldn’t have to be consuming calcium supplements like our doctors hand out like candy if we’re in a country that drinks so much of milk.

There are two amino acids which are very powerful in milk. Lysine and Tyrosine. The moment you pasteurize milk these two amino acids are killed and denatured. Amino acids are protein. So it’s legal for the milk companies to tell you that your milk is rich in protein but how much of that is bioavailable in the human body and that’s the scam and lie. If lysine and tyrosine the two amino acids which is great protein for you are denatured you’re drinking a glass of white toxic milk which is just clean and hygienic. Then you have the calcium, the vitamin C, the magnesium and the phosphorus which becomes denatured and useless in the human body. So you think you’re getting calcium from milk but calcium from milk which is pasteurized is insoluble in the human body and it actually starts leaching more of the calcium from your bones.

The quality of milk today makes you acidic. That makes your pH level acidic and now because milk has made you acidic to neutralize your ph level your body starts leaching calcium from your bones. So your milk is actually leaching calcium from your bones. This is why when you look at all the children today with low birth rates, they can drink as much of milk as they want but they will not put on weight because it does not contain that protein that milk usually has to help you have a healthy weight. It is denatured protein.

What is homogenization? Why do you homogenize milk? When they are milking cows today everything is mechanical. The udder of the cow creates pus because of the abrasion of the steel pipe on the udder to extract milk. These cows are given minute electric shocks all the time to stimulate milk. If you go back to the olden days where you milked a cow the warmth of your hands around the udder of the cows stimulated the natural production of milk and you would have a bucket of milk. But today there is a cold metal pipe that the udder fits into and they have to stimulate it with electric shocks all the time. This pus that falls from the udder into your milk can cause serious diseases with you but it’s not because they have developed a process of homogenization. In this process they churn the milk at a very high speed and temperature, breaks down all the macro fat globulin into smaller fat molecules and because of this the good fat in milk changes to bad fat which is why milk makes people fat today.

Milk makes you get all that plump fat around your abdominal area. So you have oestrogen making you fat and you have the quality of the fat which is really good quality fat in milk now changed because of homogenization. So you have good fat in milk changed to bad fat.

This is why everyone says processed milk is the worst for consumption.

Why can’t people digest milk today? Why are people all of a sudden saying that they are lactose intolerant? Lactose is found in milk. But when your milk is denatured because of heat, pasteurization and homogenization it kills all the digestive enzymes. Raw milk has digestive enzymes in. So when you consume it those enzymes breakdown lactose into a soluble form that your body can absorb. We’ve done this test with so many people who are lactose intolerant, if we give them raw milk their bodies can actually take raw milk but it cannot take processed milk because it cannot break down lactose because the processed milk has no digestive enzymes. Look at the beauty of nature. It’s given you the enzymes to break down lactose which is a sugar molecule to be utilized by your body. But today when we process our food lactose converts into beta lactose which the body cannot digest and like I said today there are many people who can consume milk without a problem and there are many people who cannot. Now in my experience most people who cannot consume milk unless they’re born lactose intolerant, when you look at their diets, that diets are devoid of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw food and everything that has raw enzymes. So these people already have a body deficient in enzymes and now you are putting in milk which has no enzymes and into a body that has no enzymes and you can’t break down lactose.  So all of a sudden you’re lactose intolerant. You blame the milk which is right to blame but you never really change your lifestyle and the way you’re eating and your diet to make sure that your body has the right amount of digestive enzymes. In most people who take raw milk you will find that they have absolutely no issues. Their protein levels, calcium levels, d3 levels are all fine. It’s unbelievable how the milk that we’re drinking has absolutely zero nutrition. So that’s when people start coming started coming up with fortified milk which is another scam. So lactose is intolerant because we don’t have the digestive enzymes in our body or in the milk to help you break down lactose.

What are the milk substitutes? Right now is almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, cashew milk or coconut milk a substitute? Absolutely not. It’s a great option but it cannot offer you the kind of protein, the class A protein that raw milk would have. So we need to start looking at getting protein and calcium from our natural and actual forms of foods.

If you have a balanced Indian diet you would get enough of calcium and enough of protein. At first let me tell you in my whole line of experience I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone who has a protein deficiency unless it’s someone going through a serious disease like cancer or something where there’s a muscle atrophy or something like that.

In case of calcium also we all assume that we are low on calcium but when you do a calcium test usually the range is 8 to 10 and it is very rare to find someone who is below 8. So we live in this world which is induced by fear and has made us believe that we have a calcium deficiency whereas it is acidity and inflammation that is making our bones weaker and weaker which is bringing on osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains and all of that stuff. You can keep popping calcium. It will not sort your problem as the root cause is acidity and we are acidic because calcium is being leached from our own bones because of how acidic our bodies are. Milk is the number one cause.

Sesame seeds, poppy seeds or khuskhus, lentils, beans, black eyed peas, white beans, green leafy vegetables, amaranth, figs, almonds, walnut, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, oranges are richest sources of calcium. Like I said if you have a normal balanced Indian diet you will have enough of calcium but when we need more calcium it’s because our body’s leaching calcium. So we go and plug a hole from where calcium is being leached. We don’t just start taking more calcium supplements without plugging the hole. We start having a more alkaline diet. We reduce our acidity and automatically we have enough of calcium from normal foods to keep us healthy. It’s as simple as that.

What about yogurt? There’s a big difference in yogurt because when milk is fermented it changes the molecular structure. There’s something called lactoferrin which is a great probiotic. This is why curd is a great probiotic for us. So it actually changes the composition and it is more digestible. So you’ll see a lot of people who are lactose intolerant but they can have yogurt.

I’m not here to tell you to give up milk completely. I’m here to tell you to be aware. So if you suffer from any of those diseases or you really want to make this lifestyle where you really start getting healthy it’s your choice to give up dairy. A lot of people have yogurt and buttermilk which is also great because it’s a fantastic probiotic. But try to get a good source of milk and make your own yogurt.

There are so many people who are born lactose intolerant and don’t suffer but they just eat a diet that’s rich in calcium and protein from other sources. Milk does has Class A proteins but not your commercial milk anymore today. It’s just a glass of white poison that you’re drinking which has antibiotics, vaccinations, oestrogen and bovine growth hormones. The whole purpose of giving this information is actually to tell people who are suffering from diseases. If you really want to start healing, you’ve got to get off dairy because dairy is making your body more and more inflamed and inflammation is the root cause of most diseases today. It is not cholesterol that kills you or gives you a heart attack, it is inflammation. This is why statins is the next biggest scam.

So the whole idea is awareness and we need to start making these changes. I am not dairy free too. I like to have a little bit of milk in my tea or dessert and I’m not going to go dairy free. But I am aware of how bad it is so I’m going to make sure that it is at the minimum level in my life. I am going to have almond milk and cashew milk and all of those things but I’m going to make very sure that I don’t have milk as my primary source of protein and calcium in my diet. So it’s a personal choice. I’m not going to make that decision for you. You look at your lifestyle. You look at the kind of health problems that you may have. You make that decision for you but this is the truth about milk.

We are living in a corrupt world where the food lobbies are more powerful than the government, presidents and prime ministers of every country. Those food lobbies have a budget to spend millions of dollars on marketing to make you believe why you should drink and eat all of these processed foods. This is how you sell a food by making people believe that it’s healthy for you by driving it through doctors and everyone else. In nutrition college we studied that milk is the healthiest protein as well and it is the healthiest food but not today when it goes through all this processing. So that’s the truth about milk.

That tetra pack of milk in your kitchen is absolutely useless. This is why I encourage mothers to breastfeed as much as they can as that’s what you should really do because no food in the world can build immunity for your child or your infant more than breast milk no matter what the big companies tell you about their formula milk and all of the other stuff. Even formula milk of the top companies in the world that make milk in our country has IG hormones. IG hormones are pumped into cows. You Google IG hormones and you probably wouldn’t even want to feed your child that kind of milk.

Many of us may not be in the position to make that kind of a choice but reduce your milk and when you give your child a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds and you reduce their junk and sugar because junk and sugar makes you acidic and leaches calcium from your body, you don’t really have to give your child a calcium rich diet or a protein rich diet. You need to give your child and yourself a balanced diet because with a balanced diet you get a small quantity of calcium and protein which your body needs to survive, to grow and to be healthy. But when we are leaching calcium and protein because of our lifestyle and all the junk food that’s when you need to keep on adding all of these supplements and all of these fortified foods. So plug the hole and your basic natural wholesome food is going to be enough for you.

Don’t live in fear and be confused. This is to create awareness for you. All of us have that one button in us called a reset button. Hit that reset button. Sit back and analyse how I can make my lifestyle healthier for me and for my kid. What are those foods I can now bring into my family and make a culture change and reduce the amount of milk that I have? Any doctor who tells you that milk is the way for calcium and protein you should ask them the right questions without being afraid. Don’t be afraid of nutritionists, doctors, healers and practitioners. You have the right as a citizen to get every answer from them as it’s your body. We all take an oath to heal and to help and to reduce discomfort and to reduce pain. It is our job to give you answers and logic. There are enough options where you can have a healthy life without all of this stuff in your life. Make the decision and start making lifestyle changes.

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