The Truth About Milk And Why It Is Bad For Us

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There was a time we all drank milk (including our ancestors) without any health problems. So what has changed about milk that makes it important to reconsider this milky-beverage? It’s the quality. There has been deterioration in the quality of milk and the health of animals that produce it due to the greed and corruption of most food lobbies. Continue reading “The Truth About Milk And Why It Is Bad For Us”

Gall Bladder Removal should be Last Resort

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Most people who have had their gallbladder removed, have gone through discomfort and difficulties in digestion. In most cases gall bladders are removed when they detect gallstones and it causes pain to the patient. You have that pain because your little gall bladder which is very small size is filled with stones and it cannot do its job Continue reading “Gall Bladder Removal should be Last Resort”

Should You Be Eating Every Two Hours To Lose Weight?

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There are some people who may need to eat every 2-3 hours. Those are people with a particular kind of diabetes which has reached a certain level and if they eat too much food at one point, the spike in their blood glucose/blood-sugar is very high. So they have smaller meals which are spread over a period of time. Continue reading “Should You Be Eating Every Two Hours To Lose Weight?”

Should you give up Tea and Coffee for Good Health and Weight Loss?

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Does one need to give up tea and coffee to lose weight and cure or prevent a disease? I keep getting these kinds of questions from many people. The problem is not with your morning cup of tea or coffee or your evening cup of tea and coffee. The problem is in something called mind pattern. Continue reading “Should you give up Tea and Coffee for Good Health and Weight Loss?”

Breathing Techniques to Sleep Better

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Sleep is super important for overall health and well-being. It’s as important as good food, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and managing your stress levels. Unfortunately, most of us do not prioritise sleep unless chronically deprived of it. Continue reading “Breathing Techniques to Sleep Better”

Exercises To Burn Fat And Keep Muscles Lean And Firm While Travelling

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When you are travelling, you can try these two simple exercises which can be practiced anytime, anywhere, without the need for equipment. They are simple, quick, and do not require equipment. Lunges work on your back, legs and buttocks It focuses on the two largest muscles of your body, back and legs.  Continue reading “Exercises To Burn Fat And Keep Muscles Lean And Firm While Travelling”

Don’t Force Feed Your Kids

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Resorting to physical and psychological ways for feeding children can be harmful for them in the long run. As a parent we all know the importance of healthy eating habits for your child. We need to provide our child a balanced diet which includes all the essential nutrients. It is advisable to feed children at least one serving of 4-5 fruits Continue reading “Don’t Force Feed Your Kids”

Why You Should Include Moringa in Your Diet?

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Ask your grandmother and she’d probably be able to tell you how moringa [drumstick], which is now being sold as a pricey superfood, was once used extensively to heal and prevent disease or simply as a tasty dish. The once easily available leaves of Moringa Oleifera or simply moringa are now hard to find with the local vegetable vendor because Continue reading “Why You Should Include Moringa in Your Diet?”

Impacts of Emotions on Cancer, Disease, Weight and Health

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As sickness continues to grow across different countries in the world, there is a massive gap between treatment and healing that needs to be filled with things like nutrition, adequate amounts of exercise, the right quality of sleep, the right quantity of sleep and your emotional health. You can never divorce physical health from Continue reading “Impacts of Emotions on Cancer, Disease, Weight and Health”