A Magic Seed for Diabetes, Acidity, Weight Loss and Immunity

basil seeds
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There is a very powerful seed which is very small but has a lot of nutrients and health benefits. There are many of you who might already be having this. This is the sweet basil seed also known as a “Subja” seed in Hindi. These seeds can be easily found at your local grocer. They are really small in size and they look Continue reading “A Magic Seed for Diabetes, Acidity, Weight Loss and Immunity”

You Are Lucky If Your Parents Fed This Magic Oil

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Castor oil is a remedy that our parents, grandparents and ancestors used for the longest time and it has innumerable health benefits that can help you with so many different things. What’s more exciting today is the fact that there is so much research showing the usage of castor oil and cancer. Continue reading “You Are Lucky If Your Parents Fed This Magic Oil”

Breast Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Fixes

breast cancer
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The National Cancer Institute states that thirty-three percent of breast cancers are preventable. We all have a lymphatic system whose job is to drain out cellular waste from your body. Now most lymphomas most carcinomas found in breast or lymph nodes which are infected is nothing but a jammed up lymphatic system Continue reading “Breast Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Fixes”

Bloating: Causes and Natural Ways to Cure

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Are you the one who wakes up to a huge round belly and a puffy face in the morning that soon settles down towards mid-day and come evening ,you regain the puffiness once again ? And just because of how you felt in the morning, you have cursed yourself all day long and even punished your body by getting on a starvation diet ? Continue reading “Bloating: Causes and Natural Ways to Cure”

Understanding Acidosis

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Consider any health condition, be it a cancer,  diabetes, cardiovascular issues, mild to severe migraines , headaches, obesity or simply the inability to lose weight , the root cause of all of these is having an “Acidic” body.  An acidic body doesn’t necessarily mean one would have to go through typical symptoms like acid reflux, chest pain or burning Continue reading “Understanding Acidosis”

How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve with Lifestyle

vagus nerve
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When it comes to the human body and disease we are just scratching the surface when it comes to addressing the root cause of every problem. So, we know that in conventional medicine all we’re looking at are drugs that suppress a symptom and never really address the root cause but also when you look into alternative medicine most of that is being done in some way or the other. Continue reading “How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve with Lifestyle”

You Must Add This Magic Spice To Your Daily Diet

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In a medical research institute 88 obese women were divided into two groups. Both groups received nutritional counselling and a diet plan which was deficient in 500 calories. One group had one particular spice that was added to their diet. The group that had this particular spice added to their diet lost more Continue reading “You Must Add This Magic Spice To Your Daily Diet”

Why Your Kids Might Not Be Growing Right

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There are a lot of parents especially in India who keep reaching out to me all the time concerned about their child’s growth in terms of their physical growth. So rather than looking at the foods that promote good growth, there are two or three lifestyle tips that we need to talk about that are currently the main reasons why children Continue reading “Why Your Kids Might Not Be Growing Right”

Why Your Joints Ache

knee pain
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When we have a cold, a cough, a fever or viral flu we go to doctors and we get antibiotics which is okay sometimes. But antibiotics don’t really work on viruses, they work more on you know bacterias but for you. Whenever you have an infection or viral your body produces white blood cells which are produced by Continue reading “Why Your Joints Ache”

Why You Should Stop Using The Word ‘’ Diet ‘’

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It’s very important that we always choose the words that we use carefully and the words that we think of all the time because if there’s a word running in your mind all the time that’s exactly how you feel or that’s exactly how you become. When you look into the dictionary for the meaning of the word diet it’s nothing but Continue reading “Why You Should Stop Using The Word ‘’ Diet ‘’”