Managing High Blood Pressure through Lifestyle

high bp

Hypertension today is claiming lives around the world every single year and is classified as a silent killer. It’s no longer a condition where a medicine is all you need to manage it. Each of us must make an effort to work in parallel with the ongoing medicines. The biggest gap that exists today is the lack of awareness or motivation towards Continue reading “Managing High Blood Pressure through Lifestyle”

Autism and Autism Spectrum


I don’t have a magic pill to sell or offer you false hope by claiming Autism can be reversed completely. What I do have to offer you are years of experience in handling clients who have brought their kids to us with autism or put into a bucket of “autism spectrum”, because they showed possible symptoms and behaviors. Continue reading “Autism and Autism Spectrum”

Introducing the Gurukul of Lifestyle Medicine


Last week, we launched India’s first “Gurukul – The school of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine”,a world class education system that aims at upskilling people with a passion and desire to learn about health in a holistic way. Gurukul brings you the best of doctors, nutritionists, clinical and registered dietitians, fitness instructors, yoga experts, Continue reading “Introducing the Gurukul of Lifestyle Medicine”

Understanding your Addictions – Part 1


For the longest time people have been indulging in substance abuse, be it smoking, alcohol, tobacco or wild herbs like weed to get high or to feel better. We need to understand that decrease in anxiety or stress levels achieved by using above mentioned stuff is for a very short time, You need another fix very soon if you are not working towards Continue reading “Understanding your Addictions – Part 1”

The Ugly Truth About Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes must be taken with complete seriousness and so should be high blood pressure. Having a combination of both means only one thing – You need to get your lifestyle in order and do whatever it takes to reduce the same and eliminate it. Continue reading “The Ugly Truth About Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease”

Sexual Abuse, Inappropriate Touch and Child Abuse 

child abuse

It’s so important to protect our children, boys and girls from sexual abuse, inappropriate touch and emotional abuse. Over the last coupe of months, the number of cases that come to us have escalated in an alarming way. People come to us with cancer, rare syndromes, lifestyle diseases, depression, anxiety, etc. Our core principle is diagnosing Continue reading “Sexual Abuse, Inappropriate Touch and Child Abuse “

The Missing Ingredient – Love, Attention, Care and Communication


Drugs, alcohol, dangerous sex, wrong company, unhealthy relationships – These are some of the things parents are terrified of their children and teenagers getting into. There are many contributing factors to why children, teenagers and even young adults stray and abuse the above. But one of the most common reason I write this is that Continue reading “The Missing Ingredient – Love, Attention, Care and Communication”

Here is Why Many People Find It Difficult To Wake Up In The Morning

waking up

Waking up early in the morning has a lot of benefits. For many people, being an early riser is a daily struggle. But once you have mastered the art of going to bed early and waking up early too, you will experience positive changes in your health. Waking up early in the morning not only gives you a lot of time to plan your day but also helps you dedicate Continue reading “Here is Why Many People Find It Difficult To Wake Up In The Morning”

Top 15 Holistic Tips to handle Insomnia (Sleep Issues)


Sleep is one of the powerful lifestyle drugs which all of us need for prevention as well as healing any disease. Some of us are blessed with a good quality of sleep every single day while many of them experience the bad quality of sleep. Better way to describe insomnia is where in a person faces trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for Continue reading “Top 15 Holistic Tips to handle Insomnia (Sleep Issues)”

Magic hair oil mix to halt premature greying, hair fall, dandruff and lustreless hair

grey hair

The benefits of mustard oil, coconut oil, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds for hair care are very well known to all of us. This oil mix combines all the 4 ingredients to make an amazing oi mix that can address most of your hair issues primarily premature greying and hair fall . Continue reading “Magic hair oil mix to halt premature greying, hair fall, dandruff and lustreless hair”