Four Commonalities in Cancer Patients


If we look around today, we have the best doctors, hospitals, nutritionists, supplements, gyms, super foods and everything possible in the name of health care. Yet cancer is becoming an epidemic and the number of people afflicted with it is increasing at an alarming rate.  This is not just in India, but across the world. This data has been pulled Continue reading “Four Commonalities in Cancer Patients”

A Magic Seed for Diabetes, Acidity, Weight Loss and Immunity

basil seeds

There is a very powerful seed which is very small but has a lot of nutrients and health benefits. There are many of you who might already be having this. This is the sweet basil seed also known as a “Subja” seed in Hindi. These seeds can be easily found at your local grocer. They are really small in size and they look Continue reading “A Magic Seed for Diabetes, Acidity, Weight Loss and Immunity”

Using Lifestyle to Manage Acidity

The human body requires acid in the stomach to digest the food you eat. There’s nothing wrong with the levels of acid. But the problem becomes larger, when these levels of acid increase all the time. There are so many people today who suffer from acid reflux, acidity, and burping, bloating, flatulence. Continue reading “Using Lifestyle to Manage Acidity”