Fibre: Effective Macronutrient For Constipation And Weight Loss


Fibre is an important macronutrient for the body. People suffering from constipation can especially benefit by including fibre in their diet. Intake of fibre-rich foods can help in smooth movement of bowel by increasing the weight and size of stool. Fibre can be included in diets of people who are aspiring to lose weight. However, too much of fibre Continue reading “Fibre: Effective Macronutrient For Constipation And Weight Loss”

Top 5 Ways To Combat Constipation Naturally


Constipation may be due to the slow movement of food through the digestive system. This may be due to poor diet, dehydration, medications, chronic illness and diseases affecting the nervous system or some mental disorders. Constipation is not a disease. Constipation may be characterized as passing stool Continue reading “Top 5 Ways To Combat Constipation Naturally”

Four Commonalities in Cancer Patients


If we look around today, we have the best doctors, hospitals, nutritionists, supplements, gyms, super foods and everything possible in the name of health care. Yet cancer is becoming an epidemic and the number of people afflicted with it is increasing at an alarming rate.  This is not just in India, but across the world. This data has been pulled Continue reading “Four Commonalities in Cancer Patients”

Constipation in Adults


If you have poor bowel movement and each visit to the loo is a painful affair, or you don’t feel like going to the loo daily,  chances are you are  “Constipated”. Constipation is the outcome of modern civilisation and is a condition that plagues millions of adults all across the world . Our body has 5 eliminatory organs:  Continue reading “Constipation in Adults”