“I followed Luke Coutinho’s advice for a week and it changed my life”

health tips by luke coutinho

Wellness warriors love Luke Coutinho. You might wonder why the 30-something, tattooed, one-time raver, and now an integrative and holistic medicine practitioner, is such a hit with middle-aged, urban women? Luke C.’s radical simplicity and razor sharp ghar ke nuske knowledge has amassed an astonishing 3 lakh fans on Facebook, Continue reading ““I followed Luke Coutinho’s advice for a week and it changed my life””

Conventional Medicine or Holistic Wellness or Both?


When the fights and war between conventional medicine and wellness ends, there is a chance and hope of real healing happening in an integrated way. Be it pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, conventional or alternative medicine, when the intention is wrong, there can be no progress but when the intention is right and the Continue reading “Conventional Medicine or Holistic Wellness or Both?”

Basic Fundamentals of Aligning with Nature

Over the years, my work has led me to believe that we need a fundamentally different way of looking at health care. One that goes beyond just a system of looking at symptoms and what gets people into doctor’s clinics and hospitals. We need a method of looking at healthcare where it begins, where we live, where we sleep, where we eat, where we work. Continue reading “Basic Fundamentals of Aligning with Nature”

Bloating: Causes and Natural Ways to Cure


Are you the one who wakes up to a huge round belly and a puffy face in the morning that soon settles down towards mid-day and come evening ,you regain the puffiness once again ? And just because of how you felt in the morning, you have cursed yourself all day long and even punished your body by getting on a starvation diet ? Continue reading “Bloating: Causes and Natural Ways to Cure”