Why You Should Eat Potatoes


Potatoes are a rich source of vitamin b6 which is essential and vital for energy and metabolism. It actually helps you convert carbohydrates into glucose and it also helps with the breakdown of protein into amino acids. These are smaller molecules which are more easily digestible and absorbed into your blood Continue reading “Why You Should Eat Potatoes”

Basic fundamentals of aligning with nature

Over the years my work has fundamentally led me to believe that we need a fundamentally different way of looking at health care. One that goes beyond just a system of looking at symptoms and what gets people into doctor’s clinics and hospitals. We need a method of looking at health care where it begins and where good health begins is where we live, where we sleep, where we eat, where we work. There is too much of disease today. With the advancement of technology and medicine we find that there are people who are sicker and there are more and more people visiting hospitals and doctors. We need to plug that gap.  Continue reading “Basic fundamentals of aligning with nature”