Women and Masturbation – How it Eases Sexual Tension, Suppression & Dysfunction

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I cant tell you how many cases of women we see on a weekly basis where the root cause of most of their current health is due to lack of sex, poor relations and low self esteem. From rapid weight gain and inability to lose weight – one of the emotional connections for this is usually insecurity, not feeling loved or good about oneself, Continue reading “Women and Masturbation – How it Eases Sexual Tension, Suppression & Dysfunction”

Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health

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Sexual health is an important aspect of overall health. Sex and making love is a natural part of our lives. As long as sex is safe, respectful and hygienic, you should appreciate the beauty of it. Just as you exercise to achieve a healthy body, there are somethings which you need to do achieve a healthy sexual life as well. Continue reading “Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health”

Vaginal and Sexual Health


For all young girls and ladies, your vaginal and sexual health is as important as the health of your other body parts.  From yeast infections, thrush and discharge to UTI ( urinary tract infections ) and vaginal pain, here are simple lifestyle changes to make and be aware offor optimal vaginal and sexual health. Continue reading “Vaginal and Sexual Health”