Four Commonalities in Cancer Patients


If we look around today, we have the best doctors, hospitals, nutritionists, supplements, gyms, super foods and everything possible in the name of health care. Yet cancer is becoming an epidemic and the number of people afflicted with it is increasing at an alarming rate.  This is not just in India, but across the world. This data has been pulled Continue reading “Four Commonalities in Cancer Patients”

6-6-12 Breathing techniques for better cycles of sleep

When you were a baby you slept for more than 12 hours in a day because there’s a process called growth and repair that’s constantly happening in a baby’s body. Your immunity is also growing at the time. So you sleep more because all these activities happen while you sleep.  You can gym as much as you want, you can eat the best food and you could be meditating and taking care of your stress levels but if you don’t have the right quality and quantity of sleep your whole health goal will not be achieved.  Continue reading “6-6-12 Breathing techniques for better cycles of sleep”