Cumin: A powerful Medicine in Nature

Cumin has a number of health benefits, the ability to fight off diseases to burning fat. It has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, detoxify your liver, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, fight off colds and virals and it is highly anti-inflammatory antiseptic anti-microbial and antibiotic. Continue reading “Cumin: A powerful Medicine in Nature”

Simple Yet Powerful Spice To Quickly Shoot Up Immunity

star anise

Immunity is the first and last line of defence in the human body. No matter what medication you take or what medication you’re on or what medication you need to be on, we can never forget that our human body is built with an intelligent and brilliant system called immunity and that is the system which will protect you, will prevent and will help you heal Continue reading “Simple Yet Powerful Spice To Quickly Shoot Up Immunity”