How hormone Somatostatin makes you put on Weight

Somatostatin, which is a growth hormone affects several areas of the body by hindering the secretion of other hormones.¬†Weight loss is not just about diet and exercise it’s about hormonal balance and imbalance. When you have an imbalance of hormones in your body you create an environment which helps your body to lose weight or you Continue reading “How hormone Somatostatin makes you put on Weight”

The Biggest Obstacle to Weight Loss

I consult in different countries across the world.¬† The one common symptom that I see amongst Indians living in India and also expat Indians living in other countries is their poor relationship towards food. We tend to label foods as good, bad, horrible, fatty foods. When you have a poor relationship with anything it’s not the ideal Continue reading “The Biggest Obstacle to Weight Loss”

Why You Should Eat Carbs At Night


Not eating carbs at night, going low-carb all the time, having earlier dinners and keeping these very long gaps in between your dinner and your bedtime and we still struggle to lose weight. In fact people who go on low-carb diets or avoid carbohydrates at dinnertime, you may find that they lose about 2 to 3 kilos initially Continue reading “Why You Should Eat Carbs At Night”

What You Eat Plays An Important Role In Weight Management

healthy food

Nutrition is food to the body. We need food for us to move, to think positively and behave in the right way. If we want more energy it’s dependent on the kind of food that we eat and the quality of sleep that we get. Continue reading “What You Eat Plays An Important Role In Weight Management”

Should You Be Eating Every Two Hours To Lose Weight?


There are many people who may have to eat every two to two and a half hours. Those are people with a particular kind of diabetes which have reached a certain level because those particular people if they eat too much food at one point the spike in their blood glucose and blood sugar levels is very high. So they have Continue reading “Should You Be Eating Every Two Hours To Lose Weight?”