Happy Independence Day!!


Real freedom is when you can remove yourself from your own prison, trap of self limiting beliefs, wrong mind-sets and toxic emotions. You are only free if you are truly being YOU and not living a life as dictated by the society that makes you feel inadequate and any lesser than you should feel. When you learn to feel great and good being the way you are without the need of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, wealth, status, material things, over socializing, dressing to define who you are, we have then attained freedom for ourselves. Such a freedom brings true inner peace. Have it all and more, but let the feeling inside of you be one of peace.

There is something that is constantly destroying our perception of natural beauty and that is: Photoshop and filters

We even need to change filters on our phone to alter a picture or nature that we may click, just so it looks better to the “already altered” mind that expects perfection in what we see, be it the human body or a sunset

A number of people approach me and my team for weight loss and I ask them what’s your ideal body goal, and they show me a picture of a photo-shopped body (they don’t know this of-course, hence the write up) and we have to explain that most of the images you see on magazines, big screen, social media are air brushed and photo-shopped.

If you happen to have a good, true friend who is a photographer or anyone who works in show biz or a magazine, you’ll get the real truth from them. Most body’s that your mind, the conscious mind desires is mostly a body that is designed to trick your mind and senses into desire and that’s a photo-shopped, well photographed body, skin, face and hair

When we change our mind-set and belief system from this to the truth, we can still chase our goal for a dream body but it will be more realistic and won’t be accompanied by obsession, frustration, the need to engage in fads and destructive habits to achieve and we’ll then reduce comparing, complaining and blaming: the worst and most limiting human attitude.

Start living a REAL life. There is reality and then there is illusion. Choose reality. Real freedom is when you can remove yourself from your own prison and traps of self limiting beliefs, mind-sets and toxic emotions.

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