17 November 2022

Luke at the Connect and Heal for WIPRO event alongside panelist Sunita Cherian (Chief Culture officer and the Senior VP – Corporate HR, Wipro) to talk about a topic he and his integrative team of experts coach every client and patient because this is fundamental to wellness. It is the A New Way Of Living - Nature and Aligning With Its Cycles.

During his talk, Luke introduced the nine rules of circadian rhythm and ways to imbibe it without having to compromise on fun, socializing, or entertainment time, the best prevention strategies for diabetes management and prevention, ways to overcome common nutritional deficiencies, what food cravings mean, losing weight a healthy and holistic way, and how corporates can arrive at the best work-life balance that works for them in a competitive world like today.

Luke's practice has always been inspired by nature and its intelligence, and it was great to see Team WIPRO embrace this as a lifestyle change for wellness, not just at a personal level but at a corporate level too.