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The Magic Weight-Loss Pill: 62 Lifestyle

What's the one remedy common to controlling diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney and liver stones and excess weight? Lifestyle. Luke Coutinho, co-author of The Great Indian Diet, shows us that nothing parallels the power and impact that simple sustained lifestyle changes can have on a person who's struggling to lose excess weight or suffering from a chronic disease.

The first part of the book concentrates on the reason we get such diseases in the first place, while the second is filled with sixty-two astonishingly easy and extremely practicable changes that will have you feeling healthier and happier and achieving all your health goals without the rigour and hard work of a hardcore diet or fitness regime. The suggested habits, such as drinking lemon water every day or doing five breathing exercises to fall asleep, are accompanied by detailed explanations on how and why to adopt a habit. Together, these will become your magic weight-loss pill.

The Dry Fasting Miracle: From Deprive to Thrive

This book is dedicated to every human being in the world with the love and hope that they may understand the miracle of life and the intelligence and immense power of the human body and its ability to heal and prevent. Many people's faith will be shaken and destroyed when death or disease or suffering happens, and we lose faith in the human body's intelligence and miracles. I hope that somehow we can get inspired to slowly align back with nature and use the body alongside whatever alternative method of treatment we choose to prevent and heal.

In no way has this book been written to condemn anyone or any system of medicine or put down doctors of medicine. It is considered to be 'magic' that we can all use in our lives when it comes to healing, prevention and possibly curing disease, especially when medicine gives up on disease. Imagine, just imagine the beauty if it can all work together - medicine when required and fasting, an integrative beautiful powerful prevention and healing system. From cancer to well-being, explore the miracle of dry fasting.

The Great Indian Diet

In a world of fads, restrictive diet programs, dangerous exercise plans, unreliable media, and misleading social circles, The Great Indian Diet decodes nutrition and demystifies health and lifestyle from a perspective of simplicity.

The journey of The Great Indian Diet started when Shilpa - an actor, businesswoman, fitness enthusiast, wife, full time mother, and a 'Health Advocate' and Luke - an acclaimed nutritionist, author, cancer specialist, speaker, and a fitness consultant, shared a common dream to see people proud of the Indian Diet and to see people use the Indian diet to get healthier.

This book ventures to empower individuals with the knowledge of amazing nutrition that can be found in the Indian diet. The food plans in this book, breakdown myths about Indian foods and purposes at inspiring people to believe that great food can cure and heal the human body.

The book also takes you through Shilpa's post pregnancy weight loss journery with Luke as witness by her side, her toddler's health development with the help of their nutrition plans as well as Luke's journey with patients worldwide and how he uses the wonders of the Great Indian diet to heal, prevent and cure many patients.

From diabetes to cancer to obesity to lifestyle, this book highlights all the aspects of health with regards to Indian food. In a dark world of misconceptions and unhealthy lifestyle, The Great Indian Diet shines a new light on health and nutrition with its detailed diet plans and informative myth busters.


This is a 21 day journal that aims at resetting your life and health in 21 days and a minimum of 6 minutes from you daily life. Journalling is as a powerful habit if we need to improve the quality of our lives from all spheres - be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, intellectual and social. Its a fantastic way to set down your thoughts and reflect upon it each day. A regular practice of journaling can increase mindfulness, accountability and responsibility all at the same time, which is key to achieve any health or life goal.This guided journal is holistically designed with intelligent questions - in a way that it covers all aspects of your life. It aims at truly knowing WHO YOU ARE, because awareness is the first step to change who you currently are. It focuses on giving you the space to be aware of your dreams, passions, values, goals, daily intentions and what success truly means to you. It focuses on the little tasks you do each day right from the time you wake up and kick-start your day till the time you prepare yourself for sleep. It focuses on summarizing your week and preparing you for the upcoming week. In short, it captures all those instances from your daily life that when you pause and ponder can give powerful clues towards achieving success in your life as well as health goals.

This journal is suitable for kids, teens, adults as well as our senior citizens.

Eat Smart Move More Sleep Right

This book is not based on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It re-acquaints you with the simple, real and inexpensive facts and truths which have always existed - but which have been complicated and twisted by Man. This volume is based on the simple concepts that have transformed hundreds of people's lives in the areas of health, fitness, weight loss, disease and general well-being. Eat Smart. Move More. Sleep Right. contains a 60-day toolkit to achieve the fitness and weight-loss goals you have always desired. Learn how simple it is to get fit, stay healthy and make the lifestyle changes that will last forever. Watch your health and life transform as you learn about these simple facts and the power of the mind.