My Journey

I'm Ishita and firm believer of positivity because postive thoughts can create an otimistic outlook on life and things we once thought to be impossible become possiible. This is how I connect with my clients and try my best to make them believe the same. Healing the mind is the first step towards building a strong body, loving yourelf and paying gratitude to the smallest reason which gave the biggest smile. I always follow the mantra of Living life to the fullest as it motivates me to come out of problems easily, enjoy every small achievements even if it getting a smile on my clients face, gives me sheer happiness. I’m passionate about traveling because apart from enjoying the beauty of the place, you get to meet new people, get to know about their culture, tradition and most importantly my first interest of that particular place..the local food and lastly it takes me out of my comfort zone and I am always learning something new about myself and about that place each day I'm there. Secondly I’m very passionate about fitness, never miss a chance to take up a new activity because I believe, when you feel great physically, it will undoubtedly help you feel better mentally and emotionally. I love bike rides, can go for it at anytime of the day, have a special love for Gujarati and Thai food ( I know both the cuisines are completely different from eachother but thats me!) and lastly music- can't live without it- a good dose to kickstart my day and at the same time my best partner during my ME TIME. Vision: I’ve always grown up seeing my father, helping others through his NGO and bringing that priceless smile on their faces. This was the biggest motivation for me to work towards other people health and get the most valuable wealth in my life..Blessings!

Educational Qualifications

  • Masters in family and community science ( Food and Nutrition)

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
Professional Highlight and Expertise Ishita Garg

My expertise lie in PCOD chronic kidney conditions arthritis

Illness has the power to strike down the mightiest of individuals; no one is immune. Each one of us will mess up at every level of our life with trouble, worry, poor health.

Epilepsy, Cancer like ER+ve breast cancer, TNBC breast cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, liver, esophageous , non hodgkins lymphoma, prostate cancer, etc, Lichen planus, dermatitis, eczema, dyslipidemia, hiypertension, hypotension, Type 1 - diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOD, endometriosis, fertility issues, IBS, constipation, severe acidity, etc. Depression, chronic kidney disorder, obesity, metabolic syndrome , Arthritis, Various Autoimmune disorders, GERD, H. Pylori, Gastritis, weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, hair fall, osteoporosis, liver diseases, anemia, fibroadenoma, etc.


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