My Journey

I am someone who strongly believes in "you are what you eat and your beauty is the true reflection of your inner self". For me - the client satisfaction and feedback is my true reward of my work. Blessed to serve our clients to the best of my ability and its such an honour to be a part of this lifestyle revolution. Fun fact: I never feel guilty of whatever I eat. I love my food and I'm the biggest foodie

Educational Qualifications

  • M.Sc. in food & nutrition

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
Professional Highlight and Expertise Nikita Dalmia

My expertise lie in post surgery cases pediatric nutrition

I put myself in my clients shoes before advising or prescribing any food or supplements. Only when I hear a "yes" from within I go ahead with the protocol.

Cancer, Endocrine disorders (including Thyroid disorders, PCOS), Autoimmune disorders, Hypertension, Multiple sclerosis, Cardiac complications, Post Surgery cases, Pediatric cases, pregnancy , Kidney aliments, Hepatic cases, Lung disorders, Obesity, depression, anxiety, migraines, obesity


What my clients say about me

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