Balanced Nutrition Program for children

Balanced Nutrition Program for children

Manage the nutritional needs of your child through customized and balanced food plans put together by our meal planning analyst. The program covers children from 1-16 years of age and it strikes a perfect balance between the child's food preferences and the nutritional needs to help build a strong foundation of health and immunity.

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The key benefits of the Balanced Nutrition program:

The program focuses on building a strong foundation of health and immunity through the power of balanced nutrition. While kids can be picky eaters, our meal planning analyst will design customized food plans in such a way that it makes healthy eating a fun experience. 

Build your child’s immunity by making right and healthy food choices

Boost your child’s first line of defense against disease by building immunity through balanced meals.

Gain knowledge and exposure to healthier food options

Learn and understand how food works on the body to build, strengthen and sustain it.

Help your child to wean off junk food and unhealthy habits

Get guidance on how to encourage your child to make healthier food choices with our customized, child-friendly, and fun food plans.

Enable your child to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices

Equip and empower your child with the right knowledge on food and improve their health.

Build your child’s ability to grow and develop

Support your child’s nutritional needs through a balanced nutrition plan with lifestyle choices to boost overall growth and development.

Make healthy eating a part of their lifestyle

Choose wholesome, nutritious, balanced and kid-friendly meals for all age groups from an array of recipes.

Read success stories from people who were a part of this program

Several children across the world have benefited from these programs, some of them write back to us with love and gratitude for the difference these programs have made to their health and lives in general :

Balanced Nutrition Program for Children

Program Description:

  • This program is a general wellness program and does not address any medical condition.
  • The meal planning analyst will create customized food plans based on your child’s (children’s) age, school timings, allergies and so on.
  • This program is for children of the age group from 1 to 16 years.


Please note that this is an online program and is open to participation from anyone globally.

  • Online chat support is available from Monday to Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Different time zones other than Indian Standard Time will be handled accordingly.
  • The assigned team’s responses will be based on their appointments, hospital rounds, calls, and meetings. They will respond at the earliest.
  • The team is off on weekends and on public holidays. In case of an emergency, feel free to contact us

Package Features

  • The meal planning analyst assigned to you will have one voice call with you every alternate week.
  • Recipe charts will be provided focusing on immunity, brain super foods and balanced nutrition.
  • Immunity boosting drinks, water therapy, sauces, dips, and desserts will be included in the plan depending on your individual choice.
  • The meal planning analyst will share two customized food plans during the program.
  • You are added to an online chat group created to guide and coach you during the program. This group will consist of the meal planning analyst and the quality team.

Total Program Cost

1 month: ₹11800 (inclusive of taxes)


USD rates are applicable to anyone residing out of India.


1 month: $150

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