Post-COVID Rehab Program

Post-COVID Rehab Program

The novel Coronavirus (COVID19) has hit us hard and unfortunately for many the recovery is way longer than expected as symptoms like fatigue, weakness, body pain, muscle weakness, cough, weight changes, difficulty in breathing, or worse have increased panic and fear. Also termed as “Long COVID” or “Post-Acute COVID Syndrome”, the after effects of coronavirus can linger for a long time even after they have seemingly recovered from the infection. The Post-COVID Rehab Program led by our doctors and nutritionists is set to help you recover from these latent symptoms so that you can say and feel that you have truly recovered from COVID 19. The program works on building your strength not only physically but also mentally along with keeping the focus on immunity as a long-term protection even for the future.

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The key benefits of the Post-COVID Rehab Program are:

This program is aimed at giving completely holistic and personalized support to individuals who have recovered from COVID so they can better manage the symptoms and side effects of the coronavirus as well as the medications they might be on and rebuild their immune systems.

Four-pronged approach

Focus on the four pillars to health —balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional well-being to ensure complete recovery in COVID survivors.

Personal attention by professionals

Receive personalized care and guidance from doctors and nutritionists who assist you towards a smooth recovery.

Natural remedies to manage the symptoms

Learn effective home remedies to manage symptoms (pain, fatigue, weakness, inflammation, blood clots) in a better way and boost your immunity.

Management of side-effects of ongoing medications

Get guided feedback by doctors and nutritionists on how to manage your ongoing medications with minimal effects to your health.

Rebuilding yourself holistically for a healthier future

Build not just a stronger physical self, but also a mental and emotional self.

Management and prevention of long-term post-COVID complications

Learn ways to manage post-COVID symptoms to avoid future complications.

Program Description:

  • Our integrative team of senior nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle coaches, and senior doctors create a customized plan for you after studying your lifestyle, medical history, medical reports, and your health goals.
  • Customized food plans are created taking into consideration your work timings, travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, and so on.
  • Regular detox plans are shared as required to help support your body’s repair mechanisms, thus steering you in the direction of good health.
  • Your coaching revolves around the four pillars of health that Luke strongly advocates: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox, and adequate exercise.
  • Once your programs ends, a one-time maintenance guideline document created by Luke and your senior nutritionist is shared with you, which will help you continue on your journey to good health.


Please note that this is an online program and is open to participation from anyone globally.

  • Online chat support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Different time zones other than Indian Standard Time will be handled accordingly.
  • The assigned team’s responses will be based on their appointments, hospital rounds, calls, and meetings. They will respond at the earliest.
  • The team is off on weekends and on public holidays. In case of an emergency, feel free to contact us.

Program Features

  • One online consult is scheduled at the start of the program with you and the doctor assigned to you.
  • Two calls are scheduled with the assigned nutritionist, one at the start of the program and one scheduled after two weeks.
  • You are added to an online chat group created to guideand coach you during the program.
  • This group consists of your nutritionist and a quality control team.

Total Program Cost

1 month: ₹9440 (Inclusive of taxes)


USD rates are applicable to anyone residing out of India.

1 month: $120

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