My Journey

My journey of 14 years in the field of nutrition comprises an enriching experience. I have worked as a consulting nutritionist with a panel of doctors including cardiologists, skin specialists, endocrinologists, and diabetologists. They have nurtured me with opportunities to excel in handling cases like weight loss and fitness management, diabetes, cholesterol and cardiac health, thyroid, arthritis, pregnancy, sports nutrition, paediatric nutrition, fertility, and psoriasis, among others. I am proficient with a background in Biotechnology and Nutrition science. I believe in Luke's vision of empowering people with their own lifestyle.

On a personal front, I am a daydreamer. I like to explore new stuff and keep learning. I love travelling and exploring new places, as it beautifully enhances the process of connecting with nature and ultimately with the 'self'. It gives me immense satisfaction when people come back with gratitude for helping them change their lives and health by simple yet effective and sustainable lifestyle changes. Supporting them to achieve all their health goals is in itself an incredible reward. I love music and writing. Music gives me a boost of motivation. Writing inspires, enhances, and sorts my thought process to be more grateful.

Educational Qualifications

  • Graduation in Biotechnology and Genetics
  • Post Graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Online

Years of Experience

  • 14 Years

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
Professional Highlight and Expertise Sampada Bakshi

My expertise lies in weight loss, gain and management. managing diabetes. managing cholesterol. treating thyroid. managing blood pressure. managing arthritis. managing autoimmune conditions. paediatric nutrition. ADHD. gut health sports nutrition. cancer care.

My specialty lies in dealing with conditions like weight loss and fitness management, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, cholesterol, cardiac health, thyroid, arthritis, PCOD and hormonal issues, pediatric nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, sports nutrition, fertility, hypertension, psoriasis, and immunity-boosting cases. I have handled clients of all age groups, right from five years to 95 years.

With a graduate degree in Biotechnology and post-graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics, I hold a total of 14 years of experience pursuing my passion in the field of Nutrition science. I believe that we are the mirrors of what we eat and think.

With complete faith in nature and the body's own healing power coupled with the quest for scientific knowledge, it is my utmost priority and goal to help enhance the  health of each and every person I get an opportunity to help. I believe that once we are connected to ourselves, our body's own intelligence kicks in. We then do not need any fancy diets to maintain our health at the optimum levels, for it is purely a lifestyle with the right intention that will sustain it.


It is Sampada's rapport building, listening skills and an extensive experience in integrative nutrition that has helped her achieve success in empowering her clients with their own lifestyle, while achieving all their health goals smoothly.

Her clients have reported positive results, and continue to report benefits and improvement with Sampada’s support and guidance. Sampada believes that “The secret lies in pure lifestyle and a right attitude!”


What my clients say about me


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