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Ami Shah Vira

Charmi Gala

Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

I pursued my BHSc in Food, Science and Nutrition, a post-graduate diploma in Dietetics and another post-graduate diploma in Diabetics. I am a Registered Dietician (RD) and a highly driven health professional with 11 years of experience having handled over 20,000 clients. I also have a certification in marathon training, lifestyle coaching, sports nutrition and ketogenic diet.

Over the years, I observed that an imbalanced lifestyle is a major cause of health issues. There is a vast gap in today’s digital era, where there are plenty of disruptions that fill us with stress and negative emotions that subside the positive emotions in us. This gap can be filled by correcting our lifestyle. To address these health issues, the right guidance, nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle is needed in conjunction with self-love and self-care.

By giving personalized attention to my clients, I try to find the root cause of the condition, identify the gaps, provide customized solutions and focus on their overall growth. I create a sense of trust by listening to their needs and being empathetic, thus building a bond with my clients.

Emotional well-being is the root cause of most problems and if that is taken care of, (along with sleep, nutrition, water intake and physical movement) everything will fall in place.

I, currently, lead the pregnancy vertical at Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems (LCHHS). I have worked on several projects like thyroid cleanse, parasite cleanse, role of proteins in kidney diseases, childhood obesity by PFNDAI and many more. I have also made a significant contribution towards recovery in cancer, diabetes, thyroid, excess weight to mention a few, and in dealing with pre and postnatal mothers.

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