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Ami Shah Vira

Charmi Gogri

Head Nutritionist, Yoga and Lifestyle Expert

I have completed my graduation and have a master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition. I am passionate about my work and have had huge success in handling a variety of cases like diabetes, gut and heart health, arthritis, thyroid, building immunity, cancer cases, autoimmune conditions, various skin and hair related issues, weight loss as well as weight gain.

My journey as a nutritionist began during college, when I was exposed to a lot of community work and could practically apply all my theoretical knowledge by sharing food guidelines and plans and conducting demos and surveys. I am also a trained Yoga and Naturopathy teacher and have conducted sessions at various clinics and multinational companies. I have worked in rural Mumbai communities and provided valuable suggestions to improve their health and wellbeing. I have also been a part of the UNICEF team to provide training material where I conducted health-related lectures and demonstrations in local languages.

I have been working with Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems since 2017 as a head nutritionist and my journey so far has been exhilarating. I’ve assisted Luke and even independently taken consults along with handling a number of clients virtually. I’ve developed sharp interpersonal and intrapersonal skills over the past few years due to my exposure to online coaching. My rapport building and listening skills have helped me attain success in a number of cases globally.

I’m a strong believer of prevention is better than cure and one must always align themselves to the path of healthy lifestyle irrespective of the illness focusing all four pillars of lifestyle so as to maintain a good mind body and soul balance.

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