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Ami Shah Vira

Deepika Rathod

Chief Nutrition Officer

I strongly believe that knowledge is power. It will only become kinetic when you decisively work on it. That is why I believe that building rapport and empathy allows me to enter the clients' world. This enables me to understand their situation better, create a strong bond and ultimately help them achieve their goal.

I have a B.Sc in Microbiology (Applied Component - Food Planning and Processing) and hold a post-graduate diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics. I have been working in this field for the last 8 years and it’s been 6 years since I started my journey as a nutritionist with Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems. I joined him as a clinical nutritionist and then moved on to becoming a head nutritionist. Currently, I am the Chief Nutrition Officer (CNO) and lifestyle expert with the company.

I have successfully grown into a seasoned nutritionist who can handle various clinical conditions. I have had success treating clients with cancer, gut-related issues (like IBS, IBD, ulcerative colitis) autoimmune condition, hormonal imbalance and endocrine disorders (like diabetes, thyroid, PCOS and many more). I have also helped a number of PCOS, thyroid and endometriosis patients to conceive naturally by discipline, nutrition and the power of lifestyle.

With a vision to make the people healthy, I decided to educate people, especially kids, about the importance of quality nutrition, traditional food and help them develop a healthy lifestyle. For the same reason, I have organized many seminars for underprivileged people and villagers to make them understand the healing power of nutrients in food that they eat.

With a strong belief that nutrition, correct lifestyle and overall well-being (mental, physical and emotional) have extraordinary and overwhelming healing powers on our body, it is thus, very important to take small steps towards healthy living.


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