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Dr. Manali Pawan Rao


Dr. Manali Pawan Rao is a general practitioner with an MBBS, (FID) (UK) with over five years of experience. She affirms that lifestyle modification will significantly impact the sedentary way of living, which has become a global health crisis today. According to her, eating healthy and exercising regularly can work miracles. From weight loss and hormonal imbalance to cancer or stress and sleep-related issues, balanced nutrition combined with regular physical activity promotes overall health and improves the state of mind, mood and sleep.

She strongly believes in the body and mind connection. What this means is that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively impact the way our body functions.

She has over five years of work experience as a medical officer and primary consultant physician in several hospitals in Mumbai. She is currently working with Luke Coutinho's Holistic Healing Systems as a tele consultant.

Her areas of expertise include; lifestyle medicine, diabetes, woman and child health, thyroid, PCOD, counselling, weight loss and obesity, building the immune system and management of allergies to name a few.

Not only does she advise others to follow a lifestyle, but also personally walks the talk by exercising regularly. She is trained in yoga and is a professional Bharatnatyam dancer and teaches Bharatnatyam in a school in Mumbai.

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