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Dr. Viral Thakkar

M.B.B.S, MD (Alternative Medicine)

Dr. Viral Thakkar has an M.B.B.S, MD in Alternative Medicine and is a registered Bach Flower Practitioner (UK). He has extensive experience in dealing with different ailments including those of psychosomatic origin and provides holistic healing through a combination of various modalities. Dr. Thakkar is a firm believer that the human body is the best software designed by creation, which guides us every moment to stay healthy. 

His priority is to diagnose the root cause of an ailment and harmonise the mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of his clients. He believes that a holistic approach of healing the mind, body and soul is essential and modern medicine should be judiciously used. He regularly practises and advises meditation, yoga and parashakti healing to explore inner dimensions. As a mentor in this field, Dr. Thakkar conducts individual and group sessions with corporates and civil society groups as well.

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