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Nikitaa Parmar

Yoga Therapist

Nikitaa holds a diploma affiliated with Traditional Medical Science from Rishikesh, India and a diploma in advanced teachers training. She got her first taste at teaching, when she was a mere yoga practitioner. But over the years, it has transformed her into a seasoned yoga expert. She has been teaching traditional yoga for the past five years, and ever since has been committed to making a difference in the lives of people by applying her extensive knowledge of yogic philosophy. She endeavours to create a harmonious environment, promoting learning based on the stability of the mind and body. Besides Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga asanas, she also specialises in Therapy yoga, which involves combating and preventing specific lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid, BP, stress and the like through yoga. She firmly believes that the mind and body are interconnected. Yoga, through asanas, pranayama and meditation, keeps the body health and mind calm and balanced.

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