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Sampada Bakshi

Executive Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant

I am Sampada and I work as an executive nutritionist and wellness consultant with Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems and I assist Luke in all his consults.

With a degree in Biotechnology and post-graduation in Nutrition, I hold a total of 14 years of experience pursuing my passion in the field of nutrition 

I believe that " We are the mirrors of what we eat and think."

With complete faith in nature and the body's own healing power coupled with the quest for scientific knowledge, it is my utmost priority and goal to improve the  health of each and every person I get an opportunity to help.

My journey of 14 years in the field of nutrition comprises of an enriching experience working with renowned gyms and working as a consulting nutritionist with a panel of doctors including cardiologists, skin specialists and endocrinologists. They have nurtured me with opportunities to excel in handling cases like weight loss and fitness management, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis to name a few. I have been proficient with pure food science and lifestyle in coordination with biological science, for empowering people to overcome all the lifestyle disorders successfully.

I believe that once we are connected to ourselves, our body's own intelligence kicks in. We then don’t need any fancy diets to maintain our health at the optimum levels, for it is purely lifestyle with the right intention that will sustain it.

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