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Taarika Arya

Lifestyle Management and Yoga Expert

Taarika is a writer, blogger, online influencer, presenter, yoga and naturopathy expert and lifestyle management expert, who believes that everyone has the power to create exactly what they desire, including good health. 

She started her career as a holistic lifestyle coach at GOQii, where she helped clients from India, USA and UK revolutionise their health and well-being through simple, realistic and sustainable lifestyle shifts. 

She has co-authored two books with Luke Coutinho on health and wellness, namely The Dry Fasting Miracle – From Deprive to Thrive and RESET your life and health in 6 minutes (a guided journal). She has written numerous blogs, articles, writeups on health and wellness on Luke’s website and has also published a thesis on “Effects of spices on bad cholesterol”, as a part of her internship. 

Taarika is a presenter on a program called Reset Detox with Taarika representing Luke on a fitness channel, which talks about the importance of detoxification and simple lifestyle changes to improve health. She is passionate about yoga and swears by the power of habits to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a lifestyle management expert, she has improved the health and immunity of her clients by emphasising Luke’s four pillars of a healthy lifestyle - balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep and emotional detox. Many of her clients have described working with her as “life-changing”. She derives huge inspiration from Luke and takes pride in being a part of his mission to improve health and wellness of the masses in the simplest way possible.

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