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In our line of work, which revolves around Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, Luke and his team use food and lifestyle as powerful tools to help people suffering from severe illnesses and lifestyle diseases and alleviate their pain and suffering. This means the quality of products is of prime importance. Unfortunately, the quality available today is highly questionable. From adulteration to using false organic labels, it’s a business that has grown corrupt over the years. At the same time, there are vendors and farmers from different states doing fantastic work in this field and we want to embrace this goodness as much as we can.

We thus intended to create a platform for the benefit of all, including our clients and followers, with a vision to create a healthy, ethical and sustainable food chain across India and the world by supporting our farmers, vendors and ethical producers, and helping people from all across the globe connect with them directly through our platform. Additionally, there is no involvement of a middle man which in turn helps support the livelihood of farmers and ethical vendors. Through this platform, we also want to leave a legacy of a good lifestyle behind for our next generation, kids and their kids.


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