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"Death sits in the bowels. All disease begins in the gut."

Your gut is the cornerstone of your health. 80% of your immunity lies there. Every lifestyle and health condition circles back to it. Scientists call it your second brain because the gut-brain axis is real. Your thoughts and emotions can impact your gut and vice versa.

At our You Care Wellness Gut Health Program, we help you find a way by making small yet significant changes to regain harmony and balance in your gut. Step into our world where your gut takes center stage. Embrace a holistic and integrative approach where ancient wisdom, modern science, simplicity, and years of experience meet.

Based on Luke’s five pillars of holistic wellness, lifestyle, prevention and recovery

Cellular Nutrition

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Adequate Exercise


Quality Sleep


Emotional Wellness


The Spirit


Gut Health Conditions We Handle

Abdominal pain
Upset Stomach
Food Intolerances
Crohn's Disease
Low stomach acid
Ulcerative Colitis
Gallbladder stones

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With Luke's Senior Team

  • 3 months

    ₹1,20,000 / $1,550

    (inclusive of taxes)

  • 3 months

    ₹2,16,000 / $2,800

    (inclusive of taxes)

  • 3 months

    ₹3,38,000 / $4,950

    (inclusive of taxes)

With Luke's Team

  • 3 months

    ₹75,000 / $950

    (inclusive of taxes)

  • 3 months

    ₹1,35,000 / $1,770

    (inclusive of taxes)

  • 3 months

    ₹2,40,000 / $3,000

    (inclusive of taxes)

USD rates apply to anyone residing out of India.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This program is for individuals looking to improve their gut health, struggling with all kinds of gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune conditions, and other digestive problems like acidity, bloating, constipation, indigestion, flatulence, and so on.

Once you sign up, a video call is scheduled between you and your assigned personal nutritionist, followed by voice calls every week.
The program is also supported by 2 or 3 (depending on the plan you choose) video calls with a Holistic Life Coach who guides you on your emotional health.
One voice call is scheduled between you and the Head of the Gut Vertical (depending on the plan you choose) during the program to track your progress and get feedback.
Your case, progress, and the way forward are reviewed and discussed with Luke every 5 days.
A WhatsApp coaching group is created to guide and coach you during the program consisting of your integrative nutritionist/lifestyle coach and a quality control team.
Every meeting, appointment, and call is scheduled. Online chat support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm. Time zones other than Indian Standard Time are handled accordingly.

Please note: The team is off on weekends and public holidays, except in case of emergencies.

Everyone is different. The rate and progression of disease management will be determined depending on the condition of your gut, age, the extent of any disease (if present), and the rate at which your body adjusts to the medications, nutrition and lifestyle changes, and progressive improvements in your emotional well-being.

Yes. Based on the condition of your gut, there will be restrictions on certain types of foods ranging from dairy, all forms of refined sugar, processed foods, gluten, and other inflammatory foods, to name a few. However, we shall provide all alternatives and substitutes, so you do not feel deprived of any food in any way.

Yes, they can. However, we also have a Pregnancy Care Program that is more relevant to pregnancy-related symptoms and solutions.

Our first aim is to always use functional foods as medicine. However, if your immunity is extremely low and your gut is initially too weak to be able to absorb the nutrients, then we may consider adding necessary supplements.

As you progress and get better, the restricted foods can be gradually introduced into your diet but on a trial basis only, to avoid any major relapses or flare-ups. Please note that the gut takes a very long time to heal before one can start introducing the restricted items back into their diet. Based on your progress, once you do start introducing them, take utmost care to consume them in complete moderation.

This program is designed for all individuals (age 3 and above), including toddlers facing gut issues, as joining will help with improving their gut lining while also guiding the parents on inculcating healthy eating habits at an early age.

Plans will ideally change based on progress or once in two weeks, depending on your case.

We have a team of skilled and experienced nutritionists, clinical dietitians, and lifestyle experts who will guide, counsel, and support you in keeping your likes and preferences in mind.

In case your digestive health is compromised and you are unable to absorb nutrients from your food, then weight gain or weight loss becomes difficult. Once the gut lining starts healing, absorption of nutrients is improved, and secretion of the right amount of digestive acids and enzymes starts occurring at the right time, one can begin to notice very gradual weight gain or weight loss.

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