Luke Coutinho: Hand holding you to health

Supporting and guiding you every step of the way

"Amidst our hurry to build careers, relationships, wealth and acquire more and more, we must never forget the old saying that “health is wealth”. Without health, nothing really matters. We may have wealth, but we cannot enjoy it."

My name is Luke Coutinho. I am neither a God nor a Guru. I am not a healer or a doctor or a cult leader. I am Luke Coutinho and I practice in the field of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching.
When one hears the word “medicine”, one immediately thinks of the pharmaceutical world, allopathy, chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics and other drugs used by conventional doctors and medicine. I am not a practitioner of Alternative Medicine either. I am for Integrative medicine, where doctors do what they have to do and the medicine I use is Lifestyle.

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