My Journey

I am Jesal Shah, a post graduate Registered Nutritionist who was brought up with the belief that substances found in certain foods have the power to send messages that talk to our bodies. Every bite of food you take is an opportunity to create the healthy life you want for yourself. Given that food is sacred, I am passionate about driving people (including my family) to establish a healthy relationship with food thereby empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge as they embark on their journey to achieve their nutrition and health goals. I also work with busy people who are struggling with their energy levels and the first signs of ageing and help them to take back control of their health, rebalance their hormones and feel re-energised and confident in their body again. Having worked in the esteemed hospital's of Mumbai during the building phase of my career, I have felt the need of educating people to live a disciplined lifestyle. My “ME” time is very important to me to maintain my balance. I do the same by three modes : 1. Having adequate time with my family and oversee what they eat (much to their amusement) and 2. I also love to do workouts from yoga to brisk walks with my favourite music which acts a therapy 3. On weekends, adventure travel or meet and socialise with my extended family and close friends. This helps me truly unwind and keep my balance as well as help me reduce stress and keep me elevated through the day and week.

Educational Qualifications

  • Post graduate Diploma course in Dietetics and Hospital food service

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
Professional Highlight and Expertise Jesal Shah

My expertise lie in weight management anxiety hormonal imbalances

By understanding the health goals of my patients, I typically customize dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize health and help my patient feel nourished and rejuvenated everyday. I also believe that helping my patients to cultivate healthy eating behaviors, identifying their food challenges early on, separating their food beliefs from the food facts and improving their relationship with food, helps me maintain a holistic and an excellent rapport with them and their families.

Cancer (Ovarian,breast,multiple myeloma,colon,oesophageal,Non Hodgins lymphoma,brain tumour and many more), Auto immune conditions (Psoariasis,Hashimotos,Ankylosing spondylitis,Lupus,arthritis), Gut issues (IBS,ulceratice colitis,diverticulitis,GERD,constipation), Pregnancy and fertility, Diabetes, Weight gain and weight loss, PCOD and hormonal imbalances, Hypertension and deranged lipids, Endometriosis, PArkinsons disease,Alzheimers disease, Thyroid (Hypothroid and hyperthyroid), Renal stones,kidney diseases,gout, Osteoporosis and osteopenia, Skin conditions-Urticaria,psoriasis,vitiligo,leucoderma, Lung disorders, Deranged LFTS,fatty liver, Depression,anxiety and sleep issues.


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