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Over the course of a few years, Luke and his team I have realized this over the years that nutrition alone doesn’t work. It has to be a focus on every aspect of life and health. The nutrition curriculum also has to go through a change in order to teach students during their basic learning, how we need to combine lifestyle and an integrative approach while addressing the root cause and seeing the patient as a whole. Imagine what possibilities open up for a client or patient if the healthcare system works together, with the interest of the patient's healing and recovery being the only goal.

Luke and a part of his core team, decided to work with Lifeness Science Institute (LSI), which is a tie-up with Nagindas Khandwala College of Commerce, Arts and Management Studies (NKC) in affiliation with Mumbai University to put together an educational full-term accredited course on Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics to empower students with the skills they require to make an impact in the health and wellness of people across the world. This is a recognized course and affiliated with the Mumbai University, so students who are passionate about health and want to pursue this course can eventually look for jobs and employment in the field of health, wellness, and nutrition.

With Luke as the Chief Programme Mentor, the core team and mentors, namely, Hemali Malavia, Hardika Vira and Dr. Akshat Chadha have played a key role in building this course and content. They are leading professionals from the field of clinical nutrition, lifestyle, and medicine and they come with years of experience and expertise to put this course together. The content of the course is mostly experiential learnings where experts have created, developed, and designed content that is effective and practical. So, while experts in nutrition and lifestyle have curated the curriculum, we also have a doctor to oversee, review, and revise the medical aspect in relation to lifestyle and lifestyle diseases.


Vision of the course

With a vision to educate, empower, and create a sustainable livelihood for people, we believe this course will take health, integrative nutrition, and lifestyle to the next level.

While Luke also has a personal vision to build and leave a legacy of holistic wellness and nutrition for the generations to come, we also want to help people combine their passion and skill and earn from it. Our team has worked closely with leading experts across the country to put this course together. We have always had the vision of turning wellness into an integrated model because the best of all forms of healing (conventional as well as alternative) is what the world needs now. Based on the years of experience in this field, we realize this is the need of the hour. If we need to change the way people look at and approach healthcare in the future. Integrative Lifestyle Medicine is the future of healthcare for preventative as well as curative health. This course is going to be a major breakthrough in the healthcare industry. So, Integrative Lifestyle Medicine is definitely going to expand over the next couple of years. This is perhaps for the first time in our country, individuals who are looking at launching careers in health, wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching will now be able to get an education and scale up in nutrition and lifestyle - the integrated way.

LSI Courses

Nutrition and Dietetics Degree Programs

Spanning across three years, the course is very elaborate and intensive and will enable the aspiring students to look at health, wellness, nutrition in a new way. Designed on the foundations of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine, the USP of these courses is that it provides exactly what students ned to know in order to have a truly successful career in this field. The course covers a wide range of topics – nutrition, exercise, fitness and sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, diet therapy, healthy cooking, nutrigenetics, lifestyle, food psychology, bach flower therapy, yoga therapy, food and drug interaction, alternative therapies, microgreen growing, sourdough baking and a lot more, including research, practicals, and projects.
Currently, two courses have been launched and open to admissions :

1. B. Sc (Honors) in Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics (Under Graduate Programme)
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics (Post Graduate Programme)

The courses offer a lot more than what a typical nutrition course does and thus the career scope after this course is also quite broad. Through this course, aspiring students can explore various career opportunities, from being nutritionists, clinical dietitians, nutrition researchers, nutritional therapists, sports nutritionists, food safety auditors, quality control officers to name a few.
It also has scope in the field of preventative health care, because with the amount of sickness and disease all around today, the focus needs to be brought back to taking care of health proactively to avoid falling sick, especially in relation to lifestyle diseases because it can be prevented. No amount of investing in material possessions helps once our health starts deteriorating. Hence this course is a promising one and will enable the students to finally open up a new avenue in preventative healthcare.
Being a course that looks at covering aspects more than just nutrition like understanding behaviour and mindsets, it helps teach additional skills that can further open opportunities to become a lifestyle coach in the field of health, nutrition and lifestyle, which is of immense value in today’s times. People are in need of an expert who doesn’t just guide them on diet plans, but coaches and empowers them on lifestyle, the way one must eat, sleep, think, and move and work with them to co-create the dream life they desire. Almost everyone can benefit from working with a lifestyle coach at some point in time.
In short, by the end of this course, the student will be ready to partner with clients or patients on developing a plan of integrative health care that fits their needs and preference as well as work in an environment like that. On the placement and recruitment front, there is a possibility that the top performers may even be absorbed by the Luke Coutinho team subject to clearing interviews, training, assessments, and other rounds.

Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) is a specialized educator in the field of Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics. The Institute promotes involvement in the community with a view to cater to the nutritional needs of diverse population groups like children, women, elderly, and sports persons. It also aims in developing entrepreneurial skills among its students. LSI is India’s premier institute to collaborate with universities, colleges, and institutions that offer programs in the field of Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics. The Institute provides a comprehensive programme in integrative nutrition with a holistic approach to develop an expertise in the field of dietetics and nutrition. These specialized programmes nurture students with a thorough understanding of the correlation between nutrition, fitness or athletic performance, and allied health sciences with on-the-job training. LSI’s strong relationship with food industries, hospitals and medical organizations, gymnasium, fitness centres, and community welfare organizations empowers its students with the necessary exposure and practical training leading to their enhanced employability. LSI is ranked #1 amongst the top private and higher education institutions and has been awarded the Grand Jury Awards for New Age Study Programme Leaders.

Founded in July 1983, Nagindas Khandwala College ( NKC), Malad (W) Mumbai, is one of the best colleges in the western suburbs of Mumbai, and has been imparting quality education since the last four decades. An ISO 9001: 2008 certified educational institute NKC has been honoured with “ The Lead College” status by the University of Mumbai and has been awarded for excellence by the Indus Foundation in the year 2012. The college has shown tremendous growth in a short span of time and has been conferred with the “Autonomous College” status in 2016- 17.

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