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  • Dr. Akshat Chadha

    Dr. Akshat Chadha

    Therapeutic Lifestyle Consultant

  • Dr. Abhay Talwalkar

    Dr. Abhay Talwalkar


  • Anushka Kapadia

    Anushka Kapadia

    Certified Medical Cannabis Advisor

  • Dr. Manali Pawan Rao

    Dr. Manali Pawan Rao


  • Ami Shah Vira

    Ami Shah Vira

    Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

  • Charmi Gala

    Charmi Gala

    Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

  • Charmi Gogri

    Charmi Gogri

    Head Nutritionist, Yoga and Lifestyle Expert

  • Deepika Rathod

    Deepika Rathod

    Chief Nutrition Officer

  • Hardika Vira

    Hardika Vira

    Chief Clinical Dietician

  • Hemali Malavia

    Hemali Malavia

    Head Nutritionist & Training Consultant

  • Prachi Acharekar

    Prachi Acharekar

    Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

  • Shimpli Patil

    Shimpli Patil

    Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

  • Sneha Shah

    Sneha Shah

    Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

  • Amrozia Sayyed

    Amrozia Sayyed

    Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

  • Sampada  Bakshi

    Sampada Bakshi

    Executive Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant

  • Dr. Viral Thakkar

    Dr. Viral Thakkar

    M.B.B.S, MD (Alternative Medicine)

  • Dr. Yogesshh X Vasandii

    Dr. Yogesshh X Vasandii

    Cognitive Subconscious Mind Belief System Modifier & Enhancer

  • Dr. Shwetambara Sabharwal

    Dr. Shwetambara Sabharwal

    Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Columnist

  • Dr. Manisha Gogri

    Dr. Manisha Gogri


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